Couple Get Married 20 Minutes After Getting Engaged

Stephanie Scapellati
Stephanie Scapellati

Generally, after a couple gets engaged, they tend to bask in the afterglow of soon-to-be-married bliss and then begin planning their wedding day.

Most couples at least, but not Danny Rios and Nicole Carfagna. After surprising Nicole, 32, with a backyard proposal in front of their family and friends, Danny, 33, asked her another important question: do you want to end the night as husband and wife?

Speaking to TODAY, Nicole said she immediately said yes.

The reason for Danny’s urgency was due to Nicole’s lupus, which she was diagnosed with in 2011.

“Stress is my biggest trigger for getting sick,” said Nicole. “Once he asked me and I said yes, then I completely calmed down.”

Knowing that planning a wedding would be difficult for her, Danny got help from both his and Nicole’s parents to help organise the impromptu backyard ceremony. He had even joined Nicole’s mother in shopping for wedding dresses for her, buying different sizes to make sure one would be the perfect fit. Danny’s father then ordained himself online in order to perform the ceremony.

Returning from a week-long holiday to Disney World in Florida, where Nicole used a wheelchair the entire time, Danny drove the two home from the airport and purposely wasted time to allow his guests to get ready. Nicole was none the wiser until she saw their house decorated with light and heard a Coldplay song playing.

Although Nicole’s lupus became worse when she and Danny first started dating, Danny stuck by her side.

“It wasn’t even a second thought. I wanted to be there for her.”

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