Brother Sobs Watching his Sister’s Wedding Dance with their Dad

There’s nothing sweeter than the bond between siblings – which is why the internet has been so touched by the recent photos that have emerged of a loving brother sobbing at his sister’s wedding. Weddings often bring out the emotions in people, and when Zak Fick watched his sister Kelsey Buelow dance with their father, Paul Fick, at her wedding to Amos Buelow, he couldn’t help but break down in tears.

Fick and his sister “just have so many memories,” he explained to ABC News. “Couple that with the fact she’s actually marrying the guy that, as a brother, I couldn’t have ever drawn up a better person with qualities for her. They come from the same foundation, same energy and passion for life.” What a great guy!

Fick was trying to record the special dance with his video camera, but his emotions got the better of him. “I was worried [the video] would be shaky, since I was crying pretty hard.” But it seems his sister is prepared to forgive him for the shaky video footage. “To see [him crying], that was his way of saying, ‘I love you,’ and to truly mean it. We joke around a lot and make fun of each other, but then you see that and it goes deeper than funny friends. It made it real for me,’ she told ABC News.

In a recent Instagram post, Fick posted a photo of the moment he broke down in tears and wrote, “I couldn’t contain my emotions at my sisters wedding during the father/daughter dance…Cheers again to Kelsey and Amos Buelow for making such a powerful and happy wedding day! Love you both!” So sweet!

Not every man would love a photo of him crying to go viral, but luckily Fick has a sense of humour about it. On Instagram, he’s embraced the attention, poking fun of himself by dubbing himself the #SobbingBrother. “Now my fifteen minutes of fame is well used to become the #SobbingBrother meme. Thx internet,” he wrote.

One thing’s for sure – if all brothers loved their sisters this much, the world would be a much happier place!


Article written by Alison Donnellan

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