Bride stalked by dessert van after requesting quote for her wedding

New York bride-to-be Amanda De Pascale is getting married in February and wanted something extra sweet to serve her guests on her wedding day. So, after researching online, she contacted a dessert food truck company called Sweetery.

She told, “My fiancée and I wanted something a little different for our wedding and we thought it would be so fun to have a food truck for our guests to get little sweets. They were really going to be our wedding favours.”

She sent Sweetery an email from her wedding email address (she created one specifically for the wedding and only checked it intermittently) requesting as quote and providing her wedding dates. However, when the company replied with a quote for $2,900US (almost $4,000AU), she was disappointed as it was WAY above her budget.

She said that she and her future hubby were “paying for the wedding ourselves, so I was disappointed but I didn’t think much of it.”

However, when Sweetery wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“They kept calling me, multiple times an hour, then would stop for a few hours, then call back again,” Amanda said.

“I told them, ‘I can’t talk right now, I’m at work,’ and hung up. But he continued to call and call for about two weeks,”

Then on November 8, she received an abusing email from Sweetery that left her “shaken and shell-shocked.”


We have zero idea what type of warped sick games you are playing with us, but now it is time for us to have a say.

You are a despicable bottom feeding wretched disgrace of a person, who is as disgusting as they come.

How many times have we called you to follow up on the proposal that we expanded time and effort to produce based on your request and each and every time you cowardly hang up the phone on us when we identify who is calling, what an absolute low life twisted miserable individual you have to be.

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The email went on to call Amanda a “weak meager spineless empty sack (sic) low life piece of trash” and a “pile of dog sh*t.”

It continued:
We truly hope that your wedding bombs and turns out to be a complete and total disaster of the century why would it be anything but since you are a part of it. We could not even imagine the person that would marry you, pity the poor lonely soul whose life is doomed before it starts with you, we hope that he or she runs and saves them self from the mud hole that you are.

If for some reason you need further clarification on our thoughts let us know we are certain we can clarify those thoughts for you.

abusive wedding supplier, dessert truck abuse bride, wedding supplier issues, wedding supplier problems

Wow, have you ever had an issue like this?

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