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Given the current uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and its impact on the Wedding and Events Industry, we have decided that it is imperative for us to take a stand. On behalf of all our Couples and Industry Peers who have reached out to us, we are requesting clarity on whether Weddings will play out (particularly with over 100 guests), in 2020.

The ongoing updates, their ambiguity and the inconsistency between individual Australian states, means that couples are now having to postpone their Weddings for the second time. The unclear parameters around the revival of Weddings and Events, have subsequently affected the following Industries:

Wedded Wonderland’s #SaveOurWeddings initiative has received enormous support and has been re-shared hundreds of times by both Couples and the Industry.

The Facts

The Couples

“The uncertainty, the waiting around, the “what if we should postpone or not” is actually driving me & other couples insane. We were first to be told to wait until June 29th for the government to reconsider mass gatherings. Now we have to wait until August 14th. In my case, 3 weeks before my wedding date in September. I’m actually considering postponing the wedding now because of this uncertainty!”

Bride, Member of Wedded Wonderland Group

“We NEED ANSWERS! Whilst a wedding is not “essential”, the wedding industry is really effected along with the mental state of the people that want to get married. Not just the couple, the family, the friends and every single supplier that is linked to that wedding… We need a plan. We need answers.”

Bride, Member of Wedded Wonderland Group

The Industry

We need your support, our fellow vendors need your support and our couples need your support. We are an industry that has guest lists so we are in a position to gain guest information. Not like going to a supermarket and not knowing whom has entered during the day and between cleaning. We agree that strict measures need to be implemented and we are all on board.” 

NPM Events

“I wonder whether the government have considered the wedding industry in particular, and whether they realise the catastrophic effect it has had on the wedding industry’s small businesses. If we could just have some indication of when we may be able to start having weddings over 100 people, even if it was not predicted until mid next year, at least there would be an end in sight and couples would be more confident to make a booking. I hope the wedding industry will be able to recover, the longer this goes on, the less likely that will be…” 

The Bride’s Table

What This Means

While we understand the necessity of restrictions on social gatherings, the heightened sense of uncertainty is generating major anxiety for a market that celebrates love.

Current legislation means that Industry Suppliers are unable, or unwilling to postpone dates after August 14th, without a service fee. Subsequently, this establishes complete exposure to an unknown date, issues with the consumer who has 10 to 500+ guests that need to be considered, plus another 20 to 30 service providers who need to be available on the next chosen date. For businesses, this means a staggering loss of income and potentially loss of current bookings. For the Couples, it means a potential loss of service providers (due to availability or otherwise) and a potential loss of monies exchanged for a set date – again, this stems across multiple Industries that operate within the Wedding and Events Industry.

What We Need

Clarity. The Wedding and Events Industry is requesting for clear advice on what will come if the current status of cases continues, to confirm postponed dates for both Couples and Service Providers. This will ensure that this incredible Industry continues to pump billions of dollars in The Australian economy, and that businesses will survive. Future-proof our Couples and Suppliers, NOW!

Digital Content Coordinator: Zoe Kanlis

Featured Image: Wedded Wonderland

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