It’s been a bumpy ride with our four Guinea pigs couples, who’ve all taken the brave move to Marry someone they never met all in the name of ‘science’. We’ve already seen a heartbreak, had a worthy villain (*cough Jono) and a powerful heroine in Clare – and that’s only one couple!

So, to prepare you for tonight’s finale, we’ve put together all the rumours and spoilers!

Christine and Mark – There’s a Baby on the Way!

Christine is pregnant! Although we weren’t sure this couple would last the distance (literally), if Clare’s not-so-subtle Instagram is anything to go by, we could be expecting put first MAFS baby! Everyone’s talking about the rumoured pregnancy (there’s been “insiders” saying it’s not a hoax) and there’s been no denial, leading us to believe there could be some truth… We cannot wait for tonight until we get confirmation we’ve all been waiting for.


Erin and Bryce – There’s Still Together!

Ahh, this couple had a spark from the very moment they met and it looks like they’ve made it through the honeymoon stage of the ‘experiment’ and are still together now! Erin accidentally let it slip with her latest social media post which keen-eyed followers noticed she is still wearing her MAFS Wedding ring – a bit of a giveaway!


Simone and Xavier – Prince Charming Turned Out to be King Player

Although we were so sure these two lovebirds would last, it seems as though since the last episode, there’s been nothing but heartache for the pair (namely Simone). Friends of Xavier have come out saying he only agreed to sign up to MAFS for the fame and was in no way looking for a long-term relationship. The pair have not been spotted out together since the filming and Simone has reportedly been seen partying with a bevy of beautiful men since!


Clare and Jono – Donezo

No ifs or buts in this situations – Clare and Jono were done before the season even finished filming. Jono’s been posting photos of him with his new girlfriend (who is apparently exactly what he ordered) and Clare has made a trip to the emergency room with a broken wrist from dancing too hard at a nightclub (another reason for us to love her)!

2All images from Channel 9 and Instagram.


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