A Three Day Wedding In The Dominican Republic

It was during Alexis’ graduation brunch where her boyfriend, Tony, asked her to become his wife.

“I had missed out on taking the University professional photos, so Tony had organised a separate photo shoot for me because he knew how much I loved photos. He gifted me one of the pictures during my graduation brunch and then followed it with another smaller frame with the words, ‘Alexis Marjorie Givens, will you do me the honour of being my wife?’ When I looked back at him he was on one knee proposing! I was definitely ugly crying because of how surprised and happy I was. Tony never ceases to amaze me.”

When this adorable couple finally got hitched, they decided to have their ceremony on a beach in the Dominican Republic.

“It was so romantic being in front of the water and under God’s shining light. It truly made us feel like one.”

The planning process for his couple went so smoothly, and the two agreed on everything. When it came to choosing the flowers, Tony suggested they go wild with the white roses, as he knew they were Alexis’ favourite.

As a destination wedding, this couple planned a three day event for their 70 guests, to which everyone showed up.

“The only mandatory event was the actual wedding, but everyone showed up on all three days. Even the pool day we had planned turned into a huge party. Every dinner we had was accommodated for 70 guests. It was amazing!”

On the day of the wedding, the couple also exchanged gifts.

“They were heartfelt and showed just how well we knew each other. We were both so surprised! To be able to vibrate on the same level and truly know your significant other really speaks volumes.”

Congratulations to Alexis and Tony!

Photography by: Raysa Feliz (Resort Photographer)

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Photographer: Raysa Feliz (Resort Photographer)

Ceremony Venue: Isla Beach

Reception Venue: Hard Rock Resort: Punta Cana – Avalon Ballroom

Cinematographer: Raysa Feliz (Resort Photographer)

Entertainment: @DjSupaDice

Bridal dress designer: @jeanralphthurin

Bridal jewellery & Headpiece: @jeanralphthurin

Bridesmaid dresses designer: @whiterunway


Florist:  @Mercaflor_rd

Hairdresser: @_jdominique

Makeup artists: @sisinike

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