A Crystal Inspired Wedding With Special Gifts For Every Guest

Fairies, you’re going to need to take a seat for what we’re about to share with you.

It’s a big one.

A really, really big one.

Back in June, lovebirds Hadil and Ibrahim tied the knot, and their wedding planner, Robert Hykl has shared with us how truly spectacular the whole affair was.

Take yourselves to Beirut, Lebanon, where guests enter a hall and are greeted with not only drinks and amuse-bouches, but aero dancers suspended from the sky with fairy lights. As you do, right?

To keep the entertainment alive and strong, a big white curtain was lifted up to reveal the seating area. Guests made their way to their seats while accompanied to the ethereal sounds of a grand orchestra. As if it wasn’t enough of a fairy tale event already, the whole set was built from scratch and inspired by gemstones and crystals, because the groom’s family is in the business of high-end jewellery and diamonds. Question is, does he have a brother?

In keeping with this theme of jewels, the reception had built-in indoor fountains, waterfalls, and a lake, an exhibit of rough diamonds, oversized metal installations that looked like diamonds, and crystals that hung from the ceiling. Honestly, we don’t think our minds are even capable of imagining such grandeur.

The dessert menu was also just as awe-inspiring. With two parts, one being decorated with gold leaf and edible gold and the other adorned in silver, we’re sure guests were left feeling very satisfied. And if for whatever reason, they weren’t quite impressed by dessert, they were sure to leave the night on quite a high. Each guest was gifted with an envelope containing a letter and a rough ruby from a unique mine in Africa, that is apparently most famous for bringing luck into people’s lives. Beats your ‘mint to be’ favours any day of the week.

Congratulations to the happy couple, Hadil and Ibrahim! Here’s to hoping we’ll be invited to the next party they decide to throw.

Photography by: @candid.image


Photography by: @candid.image

Reception Venue:  @forumdebeyrouth

Cinematographer: @candid.image

Wedding planner: @roberthykl

Entertainment: @nancyajram @joashkar

Bridal Dress and Headpiece Designer: @georgeshobeika

Bridal jewellery and Engagement Rings:  @khalilnassour

Cake Designer and Catering by:  @catandmouth_catering

Florist:  @rosyfarraafif

Hairdresser:  @wassimmorkos  @paceeluce

Makeup artists:  @fadykataya


Written by Hanan Merheb 

Cover photo by: @candid.image

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