A Classic Sydney Wedding At Doltone House

Lucy and Richard’s love story is rather modern; she requested to follow him, he slid in her DMs, and the rest is history! The couple’s wedding day was a fusion of the traditional and the modern, with Richard being Lebanese and Lucy being Australian.

The couple’s favourite moment of their big day was their reception entrance. Lucy was worried about the way she would enter the room filled with her friends, family and 8 Lebanese drummers, given that she is not of a Lebanese background. However, Lucy confessed that as soon as the doors opened and the sparklers went off, her worries melted away.

Lucy’s tip for future brides: “It’s one of the most cliche things people say about weddings, but the day went so fast. It was all a blur; the best blur – but still a blur. I would have liked for even more time with my husband to look from afar, as everyone celebrated our love.”

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Written by: Zoe Kanlis

Featured Image: Yazzen Photographer

Photographer: Yazzen Photographer, Ceremony Venue: Mary Mackillop Chapel, Reception Venue: Doltone House, Cinematographer: X-Sight Video, Wedding Planner: Kailey Kirk Events And Weddings, Entertainment: MIB Premium Weddings Team, Bridal Dress: George Elsissa, Bridal Shoes: Dior, Bridal Jewellery: Steven Khalil, Bridal Headpiece: Ayla And Oak, Engagement Rings: Gregory Jewellers, Bridesmaid Dresses: Elle Zeitoune Designs & White Runway, Flower Girl Dresses & Pageboy Suit: Vintage Rose By Hannah AJ, Groom’s Suit: InStitchu, Groomsmen Suits: Rembrandt, Cake Designer: The Cake Studio Sydney & Letters by Lou Lou, Invitation Designer & Favours: The Ivory Studio AU, Florist: Romantika Floral And Event Styling, Hairdresser: Mobile Wedding Hair Sydney, Makeup Artist: Makeup With Jah

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