We all plan for the worst possible scenario when it comes to the wedding. Rain? You’ve got a back-up. Blisters from the wedding shoes? You’ve packed an emergency kit. But, here are 17 wedding horror stories that these brides could never have planned for.

1. One-Eyed Groom

WaywardCanuck recalls a wedding attended by his friend in which the groom lost an eye after popping a champagne in the wrong direction.

2. Everything Went Wrong

Family_girl’s wedding day was filled with #fails. Not only did half of the guests who RSVPed not show up, but the DJ didn’t have any of the songs that the wedding party requested. The photographer disappeared at the start of the reception and the groomsmen boutonnieres were the wrong flowers.1

3. Awkward Proposals

Teresa Phipps attended a wedding many years ago where the bride didn’t get along with her brother’s new girlfriend. At the reception, the new girlfriend stole the microphone and gave a speech before proposing to the bride’s brother. Other guests started booing!

4. Cake Be Gone

Melissa Meza-Rapp recalls a story of a chef who was a guest at a wedding. He got so drunk and hungry that he ate the inside of the wedding cake. He made a small hole in the side and managed to scoop out the middle part of the cake, so when the bride and groom cut it, all that was left was the outer fondant.

5. Family Fun

Katie Marie attended a wedding where the son of the groom caught the bride’s garter and the daughter of the bride caught the wedding bouquet. In true tradition, the groom then assisted his son in putting the garter on the bride’s daughter, his new stepsister. Awkward…

6. No Marriage for You

Randi Klag attended a wedding where the celebrant was a no-show; apparently he forgot about the wedding and went fishing! All of the guests attended the reception without the bride and groom legally being married. Someone eventually managed to call in a judge to officiate the ceremony, so the bride and groom left the reception, got married on the street and then walked back in.2

7. Flaming Hot

sarah150 had disaster of couture proportions at her own wedding. As she was greeting guests at the reception, her dress touched a candle and caught alight. The groomsmen and guests desperately started slapping the dress to put out the flame and Sarah’s sister whipped out Hollywood tape to rearrange the charred skirt.

8. Edible Centrepieces

carolinelapointe13’s mother attended a wedding where the table centrepieces were live goldfish in bowls. As the reception went on the Father of the Bride got drunk and decided to swallow a live goldfish. Guests then started joining in and within an hour, all the centrepieces had disappeared.

9. Odour Ordeals

Jodye Rudolph was the MoH at her sister’s wedding and at the alter her stomach started rumbling and cramping up. She tried to hold it in, but ended up farting during the vows and because she was standing right next to microphone, the entire church heard it.

Horror stories sourced from Reddit and Buzzfeed.


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