9 things you need to know about caring for your Engagement ring

Your Wedding and Engagement ring will be one of the most significant and sentimental pieces of jewellery you’ll ever own, so it’s important that your care for them correctly! While diamonds are made to last a lifetime (they’re one of the world’s strongest materials), there are some things you need to do to ensure your ‘bling’ continues to dazzle long after proposal.

We spoke to one of our favourite Sydney jewellers, Matthew Ely (who also designed our very own Editor’s stunning Engagement ring!) to get his advice on the nine things every Fairy needs to know about caring for her own special rings.

1. Insure It

Your rings are a precious financial investment and should be treated as such. Protect yourself to avoid any undesirable situations should the ring be lost, stolen or damaged.


2. Touch Carefully

Always try to handle your Wedding or Engagement ring by the band, as this prevents oils from your hands transferring onto the stone and causing a build-up of fingerprints which will dull the stones.

3. Keep it On Outside

When removing pieces in public there is always a possibility of leaving it somewhere, don’t take the risk – instead leave your jewellery pieces on until you get home.

4. Polish and Shine

Platinum and gold Engagement or Wedding rings will not tarnish, but as they will scratch over time,  a quick polish can make your ring look good as new. Be sure to do this on a regular basis, every six to 12 months to ensure your ring maintains its shine. This is a service that we offer complimentary on all pieces purchased from the Matthew Ely Boutique.

5. Store Separately

Try to store diamond rings away from other jewellery. Not only will this keep what is most likely your most-prized possession separate, but it can also protect your ring from scratching other pieces.

6. No House Cleaning

Well, almost! Avoid working with greasy or dirty substances, but if you are cleaning with harsh chemicals, make sure you take off your rings, as this will keep it looking brilliant for longer.

7. Get the Toothbrush Out

Everyday lotions, skin oil and dirt can cause build up on your engagement or Wedding ring. Keep it looking sparkly by soaking it in warm water and mild dish-washing liquid and then gently scrubbing with a soft toothbrush; alternatively, soak it in four parts warm water and one part ammonia for a maximum ten minutes. After soaking and scrubbing, simply rinse in clean water and allow it to sit and dry, or pat dry with a soft cloth. Purchasing a fine jewellery cleaner is also a great option, but the household mixture will do just as good a job!

8. Visit Your Jeweller

Ring maintenance is important, which is why we recommend visiting your jeweller once or twice a year to check that the integrity of your ring is being upheld.

9. Watch the Weights

Although diamonds are one of hardest substances, they are unfortunately not 100% immune to chipping, nor is the metal in the band immune to wear and tear or damage. For this reason avoid wearing your ring when doing any heavy lifting or manual work and be mindful of what you are doing whilst wearing it.


Matthew Ely is an educated gemmologist and award-winning jeweller who uses imagination to create bespoke pieces from his Sydney-based boutique. He has just launched a downloadable guide that gives Brides-to-Be all the ring information they need – from choosing the right sparkler, to ongoing care. Click here to download your own free guide!

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