9 Quirky But Tasty Food Bars You Need To Try

Thanks to our love of weddings and our obsession with staring at delicious-looking food, we undertaken some extensive research to find the best of the best when it comes to food stations.

Whether it’s for your engagement party, bridal shower, hens night, or your actual wedding day, food bars are the perfect way to fill up everybody’s stomachs and get your guests mingling.

They’re also perfect if you’re a fan of rustic-inspired parties, so scroll down and grab some ideas – but don’t blame us if you start drooling.

Build Your Own Bruschetta Bar

Want to bring a DIY element into the mix when it comes to your catering? Try creating your own bruschetta bar! Bruschetta bars are the perfect choice for more intimate gatherings, like your hens night or bridal shower. We got some tips from our friends at gifts.com on how to go about creating your own, as well as the perfect pairings for different types of meats, like prosciutto, pancetta, and salami, and pairings for cheeses like mozzarella, goat cheese, and brie.

It’s also a good idea to also know what kinds of wines work best with your flavours of choice, especially your selection of cheeses, so plan ahead.

bruschetta bar flat lay cheese-pairings bruschetta board

Via gifts.com

Traditional Lebanese Spread

It’s always a good idea to incorporate your favourite cuisine or your own culture into the event. Middle Eastern food has become ridiculously popular over the last few years, so bringing in that cultural aspect would be a hit amongst your hungry guests.

Offering complete catering packages, WW Member Chefs About are experts in traditional Lebanese and modern mezze, bringing a touch of nostalgia to your family functions and fresh flavours that are perfect for any event!

Via Chefs About

Potato Bar

Honestly, how great are potatoes? Not only are they tasty, but they’re super versatile. With a spud bar, you can have fries, hash browns, chip bouquets, potato salad and much more (throw in some gnocchi while you’re at it!). A very unique idea that no one is likely to forget.

green spud bar with different kinds of potatoes

Image by Milou + Olin Photography

Grazing Stations

Grazing stations are extremely popular right now and rightfully so! These mouth-watering creations are filled with delicious meats, cheeses, breads and dips. All your guests will be taking out their phones to snap a picture of these droolworthy spreads.

WW member Nibble and Graze offer delectable grazing stations for all events, with different designs to suit your tastes, style and budget. With influence from Italian heritage, these grazing stations are to die for!

nibble and graze grazing station

Via @nibbleandgraze

Cheese Station

Perfect for a cocktail engagement party, a cheese bar is the perfect way to get everyone talking. Pair your favourite cheeses with delicious wines and cocktails for mouthwatering flavours that’ll have everyone coming back for more.

Rather than having a traditional cheese and crackers spread, a cheese bar stands out as a more “adult” choice. It’s also a great addition if you’ve settled on a rustic theme for your engagement and wedding. Omelette du Fromage, anyone?

cheese station in a rustic setting

Image by Brklyn View Photography

Pickle Bar

Yes, you read that correctly. Pickle bars are a bit of a quirky idea but still very intriguing, and really – why not? Sure, they might not be everyone’s favourite food, but pickles are of a kind idea that might have everyone initially scratching their heads before giving in! A pickle bar also works perfectly with some of the other stations on our list (sorry, pickle lovers, but this one is better partnered with something else), including bruschetta and cheese bars. So, get creative and get quirky!

pickle bar on blue and white tablecloth

Image by Justin and Mary Photography

Homemade Taco Station

A taco station is the perfect excuse for guests to get really hands on. Spread out all of the ingredients and get all your guests to make their own tasty taco! Not only is this a good idea if you’ve got a strict budget leading up to your wedding, but it is also a great way to encourage your quests to talk to each other.

And the age-old question of hard or soft tacos? ¿Por que no los dos?

tacos on a wooden stand

Image by Stephanie Fay Photography

Sushi Bar

Seriously, who doesn’t love sushi? With a variety of different flavours and types of sushi – from nigiri to sashimi – your sushi bar will be the talk of the town. Not to mention the stunningly vibrant colours that come with having a range of seafood and vegetable on display; this food bar is a super tasty addition to any event.

colourful sushi bar

Image by Christian Oth Studios

Pasta Bar

Pasta is a gift from the heavens, so why wouldn’t you want to incorporate a pasta bar in your next event? With a variety of different types of pastas, everyone will be drooling over the delicious carb-loaded goodness. From spaghetti to carbonara, trust us when we say you won’t want to see the bottom of the dish with this food bar. Never-ending pasta sounds like a dream to us!

pasta station clubs at st james

Via theclubsatstjames.com

Cover image via apartment34.com

Written by Ellen Kirkness

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