Some girls are naturally good at getting what they want. They simply flutter their lashes, pout their lips and everyone from their husband to colleagues and friends are wrapped around their fingers.

Psychologists have revealed some simple tricks to getting what you want and influencing people, so whether you’re after a Cartier bracelet from your hubby or a promotion from your boss, use these powers for good (not evil).

1. Wait Until They’re Tired

If you’re asking someone a favour, wait until they’re drained or tired (aka the end of a long day). People are less likely to question or refuse a request when they don’t have the energy to think through it properly.

2. Keep Your Eyes

If you think your little sister is stealing your clothes when you’re out of the house, put up images of eyes in your room. Studies have found that people are pressured to act more ethically when they see open eyes (even photos) looking at them.

3. Make it Scary

If you attach fear or anxiety to your request (ie. If I don’t get the new Chanel handbag, I may develop hives), the other party is more likely to agree.

4. Negotiation Like a Winner

If you and your partner are negotiating something, focus on what your hubby will get if he agrees with you, as opposed to what he’ll miss out on. Pushing the positives work better than the negatives.


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5. Confuse People into Doing What You Want

Instead of telling your friends you can’t be bothered going to dinner with them on the weekend, speak endlessly about your week at work and at the end of the 10-minute rant say, ‘and that’s why I can’t make it’. They’ll be so confused and distracted they won’t question a thing.

6. Talk Quickly

Uh oh, if you’re running late to an important function, when you arrive and see the hosts speak quickly to get them to agree with your excuses. If you speak slowly, it gives them more time to interpret and evaluate your words.

7.  Play Mime

If you’re trying to get someone to like you, mimic their body language. When they touch their face, you touch your face. When they cross their legs, you cross yours.

8. Get a Decoy

So, you’re trying to justify your latest shopping spree to your boyfriend. Bring in a decoy to distract, like your best friends shopping spree the week before which was double what you spent. The decoy should have done a worse deed than you (obvs).

9. Do Favours

If you’re doing favours for people, when you ask for something down the track, they’ll feel obliged to help out.

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