8 of the biggest Australian Weddings

Australia has some of the most extravagant Weddings in the world and not only have we got incredible scenery, native flowers and internationally renowned couturiers to choose from, but we’ve also got some very unique and stylish Brides!

To celebrate our own homegrown Weddings, we’ve taken a glimpse into some of the biggest and most glamorous Aussie nuptials!

1. Jessica and Adam’s Great Gatsby Wedding

High-school sweethearts Jessica and Adam tied in the knot in the romantic city of Melbourne. The Bride’s stunning lace dress by Annette of Melbourne complimented the 1920s vibe and the dramatic venue and styling made for a Wedding straight out of a Baz Luhrmann film!

main gatsbyPhotography by Mark Davis Photography

2. Caterina and Frank’s Sydney Wedding

Caterina and Frank’s modern Sydney wedding had 400 guests and the photographers from Image Haus captured all of the elegant and glamorous parts of the day including the Brides’s body sculpting Leah Da Gloria dress.

main modernPhotography by Image Haus

3. Daizy and Sargon’s Garden Wedding

Daizy and Sargon’s indoor garden wedding created an enchanting and romantic atmosphere for all the guests. The elegant yet dramatic flower display by Fioretti Boutique was extremely unique to the couple’s raw yet glamorous style.

main gardenPhotography by Yazzen Photography

4. Rebecca and Michael’s Glamorous Wedding

Rebecca and Michael’s seven-day wait to see other before the big day was all worth it once the Bride walked down the aisle in her beautiful Leah De Gloria dress.

main glamPhotography by Nadine Saacks Photography

5. Lara and Samuel’s Versailles-Inspired Wedding

The over-sized flowers and candles, alongside the release of 50 butterflies signified a new chapter for newlyweds Lara and Samuel. The crystal chandelier was symbolic of the beauty of Versailles and everything from the cake display to Lara’s Galleria Couture dress made the day even more special.

main versaillesPhotography by Samuel Goh

6. A Luxurious Art Deco Inspired Wedding

The dramatic incorporation of red to the colour palette symbolised the passion and romance between the couple. The hundreds of red roses and the stunning gold and red centrepiece created an eye-catching experience for the guests.

7. Maggie and Ali’s Sophisticated Wedding

The beautiful love story between Maggie and Ali is definitely followed by a beautiful Wedding. The  large guest list, the simple yet white wonderland flower decoration and the bride’s elegant lace Leah De Gloria dress are all representative of the love shared between the couple.

main sophisPhotography by Image Couture

8. Lisa & Antonio’s Cultural Wedding

A luxurious Greek and Italian wedding was elegant simplicity at its finest.

main imagehausPhotography by Image Haus

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