There’s nothing quite like the hilarity and opulence of a big, fat Greek Wedding and after a Wedded Wonderland team date to watch the newest movie in the My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding (BFGW) franchise, we got talking about the elements that make this cultural occasion so much fun.

Did your Wedding have any of these?

1. A Store Takeover

It’s a given that throughout the BFGW process, you’ll experience at least one store takeover in which what was meant to be a relaxing perusal of Bridal gowns or flowers turns into an invitation for extended family to join you and provide unwanted opinions on every choice you make.


2. Noise, Noise, Noise

Only at a BFGW does the DJ have to compete with the level of noise in the room. Be prepared for loud music, because that’s the only way the guests will hear the tunes above the talking!


3. An Overly Affectionate Mother

Some say suffocating, we say affectionate. No BFGW is without a dramatic entrance by a Mother-of-the-Bride leaving a trail of lipstick stains on every guest’s face and shirt collar.

mother kiss

4. A Pink Hummer

Or any other type of outlandish transportation to the ceremony…


5. Ouzo

You’ll be drinking to everything from the Bride’s heath, wealth and fertility to the Groom’s cousin’s friend’s boss’ strange skin reaction. Bring your party pants, because the ouzo flows non-stop.


6. Hairspray

With Big, Fat, Greek Weddings, there’s an unsaid rule that all females must use at least one full bottle of hairspray by the night’s end.


7. Some Unhelpful Sex Advice

This one is especially true if the advice comes from a distant relative and is given to you in an incredibly awkward situation (aka surrounded by cousins).


8. A Whole Lotta Love

To get through a BFGW, you’ve got to have a whole lot of energy, but the best part of this type of Wedding is that there’s a whole lotta love in the room.

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