8 of the Coolest Mums to Follow on Instagram

Mummy bloggers are taking the internet by storm, and the best news is they’re not afraid to flaunt their own unique style in the process. So, when late night feeds become the norm for you, kill the idle time with a quick inspo scroll and a lot of double tapping with the coolest mums on Instagram right now!


Who is she? Sheree Commerford, the fashion mum behind the delightfully stylish Instagram account @captainandthegypsykid, describes herself as a creative, a stylist, a designer, and a curator. From her fabulous beachside family home on the Northern Beaches to her brilliantly blonde mane, this mum extraordinaire defines bohemian chic.

Why should you follow her? Ever wanted to pull off vintage overalls and own a significant amount of classic Chanel flats? Sheree is your gal. Launching her own blog, you can be inspired by several things – ‘small folk’ styles (referring to her children Sugar and Captain) and the stunning designs by this jet-setting stylist that brings out a little boho in all of us!

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You do my type of fancy @albuslumen 🙌🏼 for the launch of @fendi #fendisydney #fendirumi #catgkvintage @hermes

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Who is she? Editor-in-Chief of This That Beauty, Felicia Benson knows makeup and style, in addition to her too-cute-for-words daughter!

Why should you follow her? As a beauty expert and style writer, Felicia has poured her heart and soul in numerous publications including Marie Claire, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, The New York Times and Bergdorf Goodman magazine. Want to know how to wear the newest trends, gain insider knowledge from makeup artists and learn how to use cosmetic products? Felicia is your one-stop shop.

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Perched. Waiting for summer & rosé like…🥂

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Who is she? Amanda Watters has recently relaunched her blog Homesong – and we’re smitten. Raising her babies with her best friend in a creaky old home in the heart of the Midwest, she and her family call Kansas City home.

Why should you follow her? Embrace in the beauty of homemaking and motherhood with a little help from Amanda. The blog, Homesong welcomes you as you are while seeking wholesome goodness recipes, seasonal home maintenance and natural remedies for restoration purposes.

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👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼 it’s been awhile since i’ve shared a bit about myself here so, howdy! i am an iowa girl who married her high school sweetheart. we met and started dating freshman year when my hair was vidal sassoon “merlot red” gone horribly wrong. my mom always let me dye my hair and i think it has been every color of the rainbow but blue. andrew and i have now been together half of our lives and i can honestly say i always knew he was my forever. i’ve always felt at home with him. all i’ve ever wanted since i could carry baby dolls was to be was a mother but i also have a passionate maker side of me, so writing and taking photos is a great way to channel my creativity. i was adopted as a baby and love learning about it. i am reeeally good at calculator math. numbers are not my love language, but words and pictures are. i love one on one conversations but can get overwhelmed in big groups where i tend to move into observation mode and take it all in. i'm an INFJ and an enneagram 4. i am easily overwhelmed in general which is why i am drawn to a calmer, simpler life at home. being at home renews my energy. i taught english before i made the move to stay home, majoring in literature with minors in ESL and education. will i ever go back? maybe. if i do it would be to help refugees make smooth transitions in public schools. let's see, i love unearthing meaning in all things, if you want to over-analyze something i am your girl, impressionist countryside art, on being podcast, reese’s peanut butter cups, reading in the morning, oysters and french fries, red wine, oversized sweaters, soft, smelly cheese, new journals, goosebumps in church, crawling into clean sheets, the rush of unfamiliar travel, talking to myself while i cook, thunder storms, my books, organizing, the start of a new season, and amelie. things i don’t care for: pessimistic energy and crowds. i generally enjoy so many things – making and discovering beauty at the top. i love that God made me this way and i am grateful to be able to share a part of that here! 🌿

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Who is she? Mother and lemonade-hogger, Ginger Parrish knows how to soak up every sunshine while still looking absolutely fab. Founder of Gigi Pip, the site specialises in women’s hats, supplying everything from wide brim fedoras, short brim knits to beanies in the winter.

Why should you follow her? She’s the adorable blonde mum with two boys and a playful energy that we just can’t get enough of. Her vibrant Instagram feed is full of fun outings, inspiring anecdotes, hilarious snapshots and chic styles. Are you in the mood for a hat? Stop by Ginger’s store for a range of boho, hipster styles.

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Missing our main squeeze in a bad way — but soaking up everrry drop of sunshine we can find in St George! 🍋🌴#springbreakers

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Who is she? From a model to working as a banker, Hedvig Sagfjord Opshaug is a romantic londoner, optimist and enjoys connecting with genuinity.

Why should you follow her? Founder of the Northern Light, Hedvig loves all things fashion, not to mention contains a wicked skill for photography. Due to an ever growing wardrobe and limit of space, this trendy mum has decided to sell some of her luxury belongings to you! Click for more Hermes, we mean info!

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Jackets off 😊 #liketkit#hedvig#tibi#soohia#LondonSpring @_soohia_ http://liketk.it/2qUAb

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Who is she? With a degree in nutrition, Graciela works in a cancer centre in the Netherlands. Along with that, she blogs for Babiekins magazine and has started a creative project with her sister! Did we mention her adorable children?

Why should you follow her? Besides the trendy lifestyle, Graciela yearns to share the ideas of motherhood and experiences with other mums all over the world. Let us not forget her blog that speaks all things fashion (for kids!)

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Beach baby 👶🏻

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Who is she? The woman who can do it all – from running her own store to spending time with her kids, Hannah Henderson seeks to inspire our minds through luscious greenery, barefoot wanders and friendly conversations in Los Angeles.

Why should you follow her? Be inspired by a vintage Californian lifestyle where the sun has no limits. With two stores located in the US, Hannah’s ultimate goal is to bring thoughtful and functional designs to the local community and abroad. From jewellery, apparel, even kids clothing, check out the beautiful works from the creative minds of inspiring craftsmen.




Who is she? Rebecca Cohen is a former magazine editor who launched a whimsy boho clothing line; take a glimpse of her two sweet daughters too!

Why should you follow her? *story time* In 2010, Rebecca Cohen couldn’t find the right bridesmaids dresses for her dreamy backyard garden wedding in the Hamptons, so she created her own. From that, she began designing more dresses under the name, ‘LoveShackFancy’. Feeling inspired yet? Check out the looks that are definitely on-trend for the stylish woman on-the-go – even cocktails at a chic restaurant will do!

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Thank heaven for little girls and easter bunnies 🐰🐰🐰 #loveshacklife

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