7 Ways To Style Your Scarf On Your Wedding Day

On your wedding day, everything has to be completely perfect. That winged eyeliner needs to curve just perfectly, your train needs to fan out behind you in just the right way, and for some brides, there can’t be a single hair out of place. If that means dousing yourself in a heap of hairspray, then so be it, because you need perfection.

However, not every bride is necessarily fussed about how her hair looks on her wedding day. To all of our Muslim Fairies who wear the headscarf, we’re talking about you.

Yes, we see all of our scarfies out there. We know you don’t really care about how to achieve the perfect Hollywood waves, or what style will work best for your face, because we know that your hair will actually be pushed back into the tightest bun or half ponytail, with hairspray being used to make sure not a single flyaway hair will peek out from the edges of your, rather tight, cap. We know.

Instead, you’d all be much more concerned about how to style your scarf. You can’t just throw it on and hope for the best like you’d normally do on a day-to-day basis. A quick flick over the shoulder, and without any pins, just isn’t going to cut it when it’s your wedding day.

That’s why we thought we’d lend a helping hand and show you the different ways you can style your scarf. From more looser styles to ones that sit tight along your face, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect look for you.

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• L E I L A • ??? . . Credentials: HijabStylist – @hijabsbyzazz Bride – @leilaghadz MUA – @glamregime Gown – @thesposagroupaustralia Photographer – @terrencejamesphotography

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Turban Lovin' #BowTieMadness ?

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That flick, though. ? #HijabByZazz #DrapeStyle My beautiful, sister in-law. ? . . Credentials: MUA – @belindamasri Hijab Stylist – @hijabsbyzazz

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"Be the change you wish to seek in the world" – this Ghandi quote speaks to be on so many levels both as an individual, a professional and also as a husband. . . Australia is a very lucky country. I am extremely fortunate to call it my home. The diversity of people make wedding photography in Sydney incredibly fun – it's only boring if you shoebox yourself into a specific genre. I have had the privilege to give my gift of photography to couples from all different cultural backgrounds – and no matter what ethnicity they are, memories, joy, and family values are always pillars of who they are. . . The insecurity within me contributed to the renaming of my business. Everything about the name Angus Porter is Western – it was designed that way. And everywhere I look within my industry, there is whitewashing in the majority of the marketing material. At times, I have felt pressured to showcase less ethnic work and more Caucasian couples. And during these times I have always felt like a fraud. . . Being of Chinese heritage myself, I am proud to have Asian roots yet honoured to be a contributing member to Australia. I am a banana after all – yellow in the outside, white on the inside ? . . Slowly, I am breaking free of my own shackles and embracing who I am, the values I uphold, and who I want to share my gift with. That is the change I wish to seek, one step at a time, one day at a time. . . #weddingphotography #sydneyweddingphotographer #lifeofaweddingphotographer #australia #multicultural #sydney #diversity #equality #bethechange #ghandiquote #muslimbride #muslinbrideinspo

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Written by Hanan Merheb

Cover photo by: @angusporterbydkc

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