Winter is finally over, which means… WEDDING SEASON! It’s our favourite time of year at Wedded Wonderland (no surprise there), with a pile of Hen’s, Engagement, Kitchen Tea and Wedding invitations taking over our desks.

Although wedding season brings with it endless champagne, decadent desserts and some killer dance floors, it also requires a huge cash injection. From purchasing gowns, cocktail dresses and party frocks (depending on the dress code), to gifts for the lucky couple, overnight accommodation and travel expenses, wedding season has the ability to send you broke quicker than you can say ‘I Do’.

American Express’ latest study found that the average wedding guest spent $673 – that’s a lot of cash! To help keep your costs down as a guest, we’ve put together seven insider tips we’ve learnt from our time spent being serial wedding enthusiasts.


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1. Get In Early

If there’s a gift registry, make your purchase asap. If you leave it until close to the wedding date, there’ll likely only be a few (more exxy) options left.

2. Get a Guest List

Ask the bride or groom who else is coming to the wedding, that way you can find someone who lives nearby and discuss getting a car into the reception together. Not only does it save on travel costs, but you’ll likely make new friends out of it!

3. Recycle

OK. We understand that there’s nothing like swanning into a wedding wearing a new season Zimmerman dress that all the girls will be drooling over; but, if you’re trying to save cash, consider recycling an outfit you’ve already worn. Pick an outfit that you haven’t worn recently, style it up with accessories and go all out with hair and makeup.


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4. Think Outside the Venue

If you’re planning on booking accommodation to stay after the wedding, don’t feel as though you have to book your room at the reception venue. It could be cheaper to book a hotel that’s just a short cab ride away instead.

5. Become the Gift

If you can’t afford to spend big on a wedding gift, consider your own expertise and offer this to the bride and groom. For example, if you’re in finance, offer to manage the bride and groom’s bank changes after they’re married; if you’re an artist, offer to paint a portrait for their new home. Oftentimes, these types of gifts mean so much more to the couple than a toaster or kettle.


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