7 Ways To Add A Taste Of Italy To Your Wedding

If you’ve dreamt of having a picturesque wedding on the Amalfi Coast of Italy, or deep within the vineyards of Italy’s stunning countryside, but reality has it that your bound to hold your Wedding here in Sydney, there’s definitely no shortage of ways to add a touch of the stunning Italian landscape to your Special Day.

From Italian beverages, cars, decor and everything in between.

Be inspired, Fairies!

Serve Up Italy in A Glass

Serve up Italian cocktails to really get your guests in the mood! Bellini cocktail recipe from Cipriani is our go-to for your Special Day. Created and made famous by the Cipriani family from Harry’s Bar in Venice, it’s available in Australia and it definitely feels like Italy in a glass!


Add Some Olive Branches

Add a quintessential touch of Italy through the use of olive branches throughout your floral styling and transport your guests straight to the landscapes of Italy.


Add the Rich colours of Tuscany

Add pops of bright yellows and deep blues throughout your styling to really take your guests to another land!


Pizza or Pasta

Serve up some delicious carbs! We would never say no to some gourmet pasta or pizza as the main meal on your Special Day, or if you’re having an outdoor wedding you could even have a pizza truck to delight your guests!

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Italian Entertainment

Fill the room with some lively Italian music to get your guests in the mood. Hire a live Italian band and get your guests on the dance floor performing their best moves!

Pull Up in Style

Hire a Fiat and drive around Italian style on your Big Day.


Indulge in Italian Gelato

The best way to end the night is with some delicious dessert, and there’s no better dessert than gelato … yum!

Feature image via: A Cliffside Mediterranean Wedding On The Amalfi Coast

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