It’s official, crops are cool again. For some e of us, this belly-baring trend is intimidating (in-tum-dating?), but truth be told – ANYONE can pull off a crop and there’s an option or every dress code.

It doesn’t matter whether you have the curves of Shakira, the shape of Kate Moss or anywhere in between, it’s all about choosing a silhouette for your shape. We’ve got the tips and tricks that will dare you to bare.

1. Double Trouble

Go for a bold print crop and a matching skirt! This look adds some serious fashion-cred to your look, but it also gives the illusion of height. Be careful to keep your outfit fitted, as if it’s loose it can overwhelm you!


Images from The Doll House’s Instagram

2. Add a Blazer

Vicki from The Doll House says that blazers instantly add class to an outfit and, as a bonus, a blazer hides a multitude of sins! Sometimes a crop top can shorten the torso, so adding in a long-line blazer (one that ends below the hips), will bring back some of that length.

3. Subtlety is Key

The trick is to show only the thinnest sliver of skin. The crop should show no more than 8cm of skin and ideally it should sit high on the waist (meaning only the top of the rib cage is showing).


Images from The Doll House’s Instagram

4. Structure

If you’re on the bigger size, go for stiff fabrics, as opposed to materials with lycra. The structure will graze over your curves and is elegant, while still being playful.

5. Create Curves

If you’re got the body of an athlete (jealous!), you can add curves by teaming your crop with an a-line or pleated skirt. When you’ve got abs of steel, you also have the freedom to show a little more stomach skin without it looking tacky.


Images from The Doll House’s Instagram

6. Cover Up

Because you’re already showing some skin, make sure you keep the rest of your outfit fairly conservative. This means you shouldn’t tee your crop with a mini-skirt – stick to pencil skirts or tailored pants.

7. Shoulders Back

Crops have to be worn with confidence; so put chin up, shoulders down and strut your stuff.

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