7 Celebrity Proposals That Will Shock and Inspire You (Or Your Dreams)

While us normal, minimum wage girlies sit at home and wonder what a proposal would look like if our future hubbies had no budget and could make the experience unforgettable, most preferably overseas… Celebrity proposals are here to humble us but feed our dreams as to what could be.

Here are our top 6 celebrity surprise proposal posts that we are in shock and awe over.

Meghan Trainor & Daryl Sabara

Talk about fairy tales coming to life! The Spy Kids actor, Daryl decided to make his lady, Meghan Trainor, his official princess by proposing to her on her 24th birthday, setting the stage under a romantic canopy of Christmas lights, pulling out a velvet ring box, and showing off that stunning diamond engagement ring.

With their loved ones gathered around, the moment was undoubtedly magical. Thank the Instagram gods for allowing us to have this video on repeat! A memory they’ll cherish forever, marking their journey towards a lifetime of love and happiness together.

7 Celebrity Proposals That Will Shock and Inspire You (Or Your Dreams)
Image by Instagram.com/meghantrainor

Engagement | I SAID YESSSS!!!! For my 24th birthday, the …

As the video went viral, many commented on how it resembled a scene straight out of a fairy tale, with some even calling them the modern-day Cinderella and Prince Charming. The couple’s enchanting proposal quickly became an inspiration for others looking to add a touch of magic to their own love stories and easily one of our favourite celebrity proposals.

Ludacris & Eudoxie Agnan

No room for a fear of flying when you’re on a private jet getting proposed to, am I right? Well that is exactly what this couple did! Ludacris popped the question miles high in the sky – as the plane flew over an open field, the words “EUDOXIE WILL YOU MARRY ME <3” were written in the grass in an open field. Had us thinking he got inspiration from his fast and furious movie debuts as this is not the classic proposal…

7 Celebrity Proposals That Will Shock and Inspire You (Or Your Dreams)
Image by Instagram.com/LUDACRIS

Eudoxie reportedly replied to the question with a “HELL YES!” and pictures of the trip and proposal collage were posted to the rapper’s instagram under the hashtag #milehighproposal.

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Image by Instagram.com/LUDACRIS

David & Victoria Beckham

As we were all surprised he didn’t propose to Ms Posh with a football – David actually checked them into the hotel right after his Manchester United game, where Victoria was reportedly presented with 30 roses before being escorted to their room, which was covered with $400 worth of red and yellow lillies.

After slipping into their bathrobes and ordering room service and champagne for the room, David proposed. “We were sitting there in our dressing gowns when David pulled out the engagement ring, got down on one knee and asked, ‘Will you marry me, Victoria?'” she claimed.

7 Celebrity Proposals That Will Shock and Inspire You (Or Your Dreams)
Image by Instagram.com/s.arriel

And from there on Mr Beckham showered his wife with 14 more rings.. Shown in this insta carousel by @s.arriel

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Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel

On an already romantic getaway to their Montana property, the two already in the honeymoon vibes when Justin upped the stakes by taking a snowy getaway to a very special moment in their future. She states “he looks up at me and pulls up this ring and it was the most lovely, surprising romantic moment”.

7 Celebrity Proposals That Will Shock and Inspire You (Or Your Dreams)
Image by Monica Schipper via Getty Images.

The engagement ring was a custom design encased in a velvet large ring box, by Jessica’s favorite jeweler, and Justin had been planning the proposal for months. The couple celebrated with champagne in front of a cozy fire, surrounded by the beauty of the snow-covered mountains.

Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom

Another mile high proposal story to add to the list is pop star Katy Perry and actor Orlando Bloom’s surprise proposal. Unpacking her reaction to the proposal on the talk show Jimmey Kimmel, High in a Helicoptor, Orlando Bloom wasn’t able to get down on one knee, but he was still able to ask the most important question of their relationship.

It might not be the classic proposal one thinks of, but this one was still as special and just one of the most romantic moments they will share. The couple’s whirlwind romance has been filled with unique and memorable moments, and this proposal was no exception. Katy Perry couldn’t contain her excitement as she recounted the surprise proposal to Jimmy Kimmel, gushing about how special and romantic the moment was.

7 Celebrity Proposals That Will Shock and Inspire You (Or Your Dreams)
Image by Instagram.com/Katyperry

Not to mention her stunning and incredibly unique engagement ring! From the images, Katy’s engagement ringlooks to be an oval,purplish-red ruby. The centre gemstone is surrounded by round diamonds, framed with a delicate milgrained halo. This design element is often seen in antique and vintage-inspired jewellery signs. Crafted in warm yellow gold, Katy is right on trend, with yellow gold engagement rings seeing a significant comeback over the last three years. This resurgence in popularity brings a timeless yet modern twist to traditional engagement ring styles. One of the most unique rings out of these celebrity proposals.

Sophie Codegoni & Alessandro Basciano

Red Carpet AND a ring? Now that’s one of the most public celebrity proposals! But it was a dream come true for Sophie Codegoni. As her fiance – Alessandro Basciano got down on one knee at the 79th Venice International Film Festival to ask the question that would spark their future together.  Basciano and Codegoni met in the Big Brother VIP house and the two have a daughter, Celine.

7 Celebrity Proposals That Will Shock and Inspire You (Or Your Dreams)
Image by Shutterstock
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Ciara & Russel Wilson

Russel Wilson surprised the superstar with a proposal during a vacation in Seychelles at the exclusive resort North Island in March 2016. The couple had just come from Paris Fashion Week, and Wilson proposed on the romantically private “Honeymoon Beach.” Ciara and Russell Wilson are the original power couples – She is a Grammy-winning musician; he is a NFL star as a quarterback. And together, they’ve created a budding business empire while continuing to grow their family and raise the bar on the couple’s style.

7 Celebrity Proposals That Will Shock and Inspire You (Or Your Dreams)
Image by Instagram.com/Ciara
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