6 Times Zaffeh Bands Were Amazing

Thanks to the incredible skill of a zaffeh band, you can always spot a Lebanese wedding from a mile away.

A quintessential element to any Arab wedding, the zaffeh is a whole lot of drums, and occasionally other instruments, that accompany a bride and groom either to the church or the reception, and they always go off with a bang.

Sometimes, however, a zaffeh will go that extra mile and completely run wild at your wedding in the most spectacular way. We’ve seen it all, from flying zaffehs to accompanying fireworks and killer dance moves. Fairies, we’re not kidding when we say that a zaffeh goes crazy.

So to share that craziness with you, we’ve put together some of the best zaffehs we’ve ever seen. Scroll down and get ready to be completely wowed.



Cover photo by: @cdarzentertainment


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