6 Creative Ways to Enter Your Wedding Reception

It’s every Bride’s dream to leave an everlasting impression that everyone will love on her Special Day! It’s the first time that all your friends, family and people you’ve been forced to invite will be watching you walk down the aisle as newlyweds.

To ensure you create a Wedding that’ll be the talk of the town, we’ve put together 5 ways to make sure your guest will be talking about your entrance forever!

1. An Elevator Entrance

While your family get called out by the Mc and enter down the aisle, the last family member walks in and everyone starts to pull out their camera phones to capture the beautiful couple. Suddenly your guests see something rising from the ground and everyone’s cameras simultaneously shift from the door to the ground.

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2. A Winter Wonderland Theme Entrance

A themed entrance is creative, beautiful and will have people wishing you were getting married every year. The thought of you and your groom walking through a beautiful icy setting is memorable on its own, having a white isle and forest branches lighting up the whole reception.

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3. Live Music

Walking into your reception to a catchy song is fun until that song has been played a million times at Weddings. Have you thought of live music to change it up and get your guest up and dancing? Imagine everyone dancing to the beat of the drums whilst they follow you down the aisle. Now that’s a way to get the party started.

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4. Fireworks

If you really want to light up the reception and capture everyone’s attention while you make your grand entrance and have an entrance full of sparkle that leaves an extravagant impression, then the answer is simply fireworks!

5. Helicopter

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If you’re planning on having an outdoor wedding then this extra entrance is perfect for you! If you really want to leave your entrance embedded into the mind of your guests and have them speaking about it for years to come then why just walk in and why not just fly into your wedding reception?

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6. A Fairy tale entrance

An enchanted Cinderella carriage coming down the aisle is every Disney princesses dream come true and would be the most unforgettable way to enter your reception with all attention on you!

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