6 Apps To Help You Stick To Your Wedding Budget

The term wedding budget is what nightmares are made of.  While choosing a dress, picking your shoes and planning your dream honeymoon is all fun and games, sitting down and getting realistic on where to spend your hard-earned cash is not. Staying on top of your wedding budget and keeping track of all your expenses can be extremely stressful and is the least fun part of planning a wedding.

To keep you on track with your wedding budget, we’ve narrowed down six apps to help you keep track of all your spending and help you stick to your wedding budget.

Track My Spend

Track my spend allows you to keep track of your spending and gives you a summary of where your money is going, so you have an accurate overview of how much money is going towards your location, flowers, food, dresses, hair, makeup and more.  It also has two categories “needs” and “wants” to allow you to stay on top of your expenses and see where you can cut down your spending.

Wedding Happy

The ultimate app for planning your wedding day, this handy app tracks your budget, allows you to create to-do lists, categorizes different vendors, notifies you of important tasks or key dates and allows you to email tasks to yourself or to your bride squad.

The app has a spending summary tab so you are able to track how much you’ve been spending and allows you to see how much money you have left. It also has a payment tracking tab to keep you organized and ensure that you pay your bills on time.

Most importantly, it has a wedding day countdown to keep you excited till your wedding day arrives.


Wedding Planner Countdown

This app lets you plan everything from six months before your wedding to the day of your wedding. It allows you to note down important details and appointments, guest lists, vendors and wedding gift registry. The budget tracking tab lets you see how much you’ve been spending through a pie chart.

Fudget: Budget Planner Tracker

Get serious about wedding budget planning with this budget tracking app. You can include your income and make a list of all incoming wedding expenses. There’s a feature that allows you to mark bills as “paid” to keep you organized and this app also features a calculator to help you manage your wedding budget.


This app will let you stay within your wedding budget. It has a feature called safety spend limits which will tracks your spending and allows you to stick to your weekly spending budget. It categorizes and tracks all your spending from buying that morning coffee to splurging on your bridal shoes. It also sends you alerts for upcoming bills and sends you a notification for when you’re about to reach your spending limit.


If other people are helping pay or contribute some money for your wedding, you need to download the app splitwise. This app splits all expenses evenly and notifies the other person/s to pay their bills. It’s a great app to keep track of your spending and also allows you to avoid awkwardly asking a relative or friend to pay you back.

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