5 Things You May Have Missed At The Met Gala 2018

With all eyes on the fabulous and outrageous outfits gracing The Met steps (including Met Queen’s Rihanna and Blake Lively), we don’t blame you if you missed some of the other things happening, and not happening, on the carpet.

With a slew of celebrities walking through one after the other, there were a lot of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments, so we’re here to help you catch up.

2 Chainz Proposed To His Partner – Again

Rapper 2 Chainz may have set the standard ridiculously high for guys everywhere by choosing to propose to his partner, Kesha Ward, on the carpet – or specifically, the stairs.

It happened pretty quickly, so most eyes were on the celebrities arriving when it happened, but that could also be because 2 Chainz only decided to get down on one knee “about a minute” before it happened.

It’s also not the couple’s first engagement – 2 Chainz actually first proposed to Kesha at the 2013 BET Awards and they have three kids together.

Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid Being Friendly

If you aren’t caught up on the lives of the young, rich, and fabulous: Gigi Hadid is Bella Hadid‘s sister. Bella used to date singer The Weeknd. When they broke up, The Weeknd quickly began dating Selena Gomez, who was previously chummy with the Hadid sisters. The Weeknd attended the Met Gala with Bella in 2016 and then Selena in 2017. Now all of them are single.

Bella unfollowed Selena soon after learning she was dating her ex-boyfriend and the pair haven’t really been seen interacting, although they run in similar circles. Which is why it was so interesting to see Gigi and Selena hugging and having a friendly catch up at the event, with Bella nowhere in sight.

gigi hadid and selena gomez


Shawn Mendes and Hailey Baldwin Make Their Couple Debut

Okay, it’s hard to miss two genetically-blessed celebrities being affectionate, but for those of us who didn’t know they were official, it’s big. The couple have had people saying “are they/aren’t they” for the last few months, but with their debut as a couple at the year’s biggest fashion event, there’s no doubt left.

There’s also this super cute moment that was caught between the two – any guy who helps us up the stairs and fixes our train is a winner in our eyes.

Beyoncé Wasn’t There

ICYMI, a certain high-profile face wasn’t in the crowd. Beyoncé chose not to return to the Met Gala for the second year in a row, meaning we were all left waiting for her grand appearance, only to be disappointed.

As Entertainment Tonight reported, Bey decided to give the Gala a miss after being whisked away on holiday by husband, Jay-Z.

“JAY-Z surprised her with a trip because he felt she needed to relax before her tour,” a source told the publication.

Bey apparently had a dress in mind for the event, but it wasn’t meant to be. It’s okay though – Cardi B clearly paid homage to her 2017 Grammys look.

beyonce and jay z


Nicki Minaj and Cardi B Buried The Hatchet

No fear, there’s no beef here. After some drama following their collaboration on Migos’ song, ‘MotorSport’, in which Nicki responded to some comments from Cardi by saying, “I really fully supported her and up until this recent interview that she did, I had never seen her show me genuine love in an interview,” it looks like the rap queens have settled their “feud” thanks to Jeremy Scott.

The designer brought Cardi along as his plus one this year and previously attended the 2016 Gala with Nicki. The women were then snapped having a friendly conversation, with Nicki even rubbing Cardi’s pregnant belly, while Jeremy looked on like a proud father.

nicky minaj and cardi b met gala


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