5 Mistakes To Avoid When Meeting His Family

Getting married isn’t just about creating a new family of your own; your families will be joining together to create a big one! The first step is to introduce the in-laws, and we know meeting your partner’s family for the first time can be stressful. So, how do you win his family over and convince them that he’s found a ‘good’ girl instead of leaving them muttering disapproving comments when you’re gone? These five steps will cover you for sure!

How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days

How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days

1. Put That Phone Away!

We all have a natural tendency to check our phones, even when no one rings or texts (we’re simply victims). Nothing is worse than being distracted over a formal dinner with the future in-laws, and don’t bother hiding your phone under the table either. Be engaging and participate in all types of conversation; but don’t forget, pretending to listen will be noticed. Is there other important people you’d rather converse with?

2. Don’t Arrive Empty Handed

It’s very likely you’re meeting your partner’s parents, but unsure of the overall turnout. Whether you’re meeting them at home or at a restaurant, you should always bring a little gift to show your appreciation for them hosting you. Ideally, find out what his parents like (you don’t want to bring a bottle of wine only to find out that his parents don’t drink). Consider the following options; wine, flowers, dessert, even a coffee table book are all good places to start. Do the research.

3. Never Be Clingy

You may not know anyone in the room, but never cling onto your partner the entire time. Make sure to give him some space to be with his siblings and allow the usual ‘family’ jokes to arise. Walking behind him and being silent because you’re nervous won’t give a good first impression – it’ll just make you look needy or uninterested in anyone else but him. Our handy tip; break away from the comfort of being around him and get to know his family as yourself, not his girlfriend.

4. Don’t Dress Like it’s 2007

Ladies, save those tequila shots for New Years Eve, remember, its not a house party without the parents. Wear something you’ll feel good in, because meeting the parents is important for your relationship; last year’s pencil skirt isn’t going to cut it. A comfortable ensemble will give you an extra boost of confidence while flattering your figure, and we guarantee you’ll survive the night.

5. Don’t Be Someone You’re Not

Nothing is more exhausting than being ‘too excited’ to meet your partner’s parents. By working yourself up before the night, you might shift to being a whole new person, which really isn’t the best impression. If your partner knows you well and loves your identity (and mood swings), then his parents will endure it, too. Our tip is to always be yourself and let them get to know the real you. Nothing is more important than self-confidence!


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