5 inexpensive DIY Backdrop ideas

Creating your own DIY backdrop gives you the opportunity to add a playful and creative spin to your Big Day. So we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite DIY ideas for Wedding backdrops.

1. Paper Flowers 

It my sound like something that belongs at a kids party but don’t knock it just yet. Paper flowers are becoming something of a Wedding trend and are an elegant, stylish and inexpensive way to add a personal and unique touch to your Big Day.

Despite their appearance these beautiful creations are not at all difficult to make. It is possible to order them pre made from craft suppliers but it’s well worth giving it a crack yourself. Don’t be daunted by the supposed skill level involved, all you really need is some cardboard, a glue gun, a pair of scissors and a little patience.

Making these flowers may be time consuming but no one ever said planning a Wedding was easy. So gather your gal pals and future husbnd and put them to work. Below is a simple and easy to follow tutorial to get you started.

Once you have mastered the art of flower making there are different ways to incorporate them into a backdrop. See some stunning ideas below!

paper flowers DIY wedding background

Image source: paperflora.com

Made simply from paper flowers and some sturdy black board, this is a design that you could easily replicate yourself.

paper flower, DIY wedding backdrop

Image source:balushka.com

paper flowers DIY wedding backdrop, oversized paper flowers

Image source:kibuck.com

For a whimsical and playful look you could also try your hand and creating these oversized flowers that look like they are straight out of Alice in Wonderland!

paper flowers background, DIY wedding background, wedding arch

Image source:pintrest.com

You can also use tissue paper in addition to cardstock to add a different softer texture.

2. Hanging Frames

Hanging frames are also a simple and elegant way to create a memorable backdrop. From bohemian to glamorous they are versatile and suitable to multiple styles. They are also applicable to both indoor and outdoor ceremonies.

Pure simplicity all you need are your frames and something to suspend them from and you have yourself a stunning backdrop that is utterly swoon worthy!

You may also try something similar with bird cages full of flowers.haging frames wedding backdrop, DIY wedding backdrop

Image source:greenweddingshoes.com

hanging frames wedding backdrop DIY wedding backdrop

Image source:Ruffleblog.com

haging frames wedding backdrop, DIY wedding bckdrop

Image source: crafthubs.com

3. Wooden Door

DIY wedding backdrop, rustic wedding backdrop, rustic door wedding backdrop

Image source:homedit.com

Getting your hands on an old door, can make for a beautiful backdrop. Perfect for a rustic themed wedding.

4. A photo gallery

rustic weddding background DIY wedding background vintage wedding

Image source:homedit.com

If your looking to add an extra personal touch then this photo gallery made out of a wooden pallet would be perfect for you. Wooden pallets are easy to come by and cheap (if not free) meaning you certainly get value for money

5. A woodland setting

rustic woodland wedding backdrop DIY wedding backdrop rustic woodland wedding

Image source: decozilla.com

So simple yet so beautiful, this woodland setting has a magical feel about it. Perfect for that girl who has always dreamed of getting married in an enchanted forest. All you really need is someone who is reasonable adept with power tools for all the wood cutting.


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