5 Bizarre Wedding Traditions!

If you think you’ve seen it all, think again!

Weddings are always a special event celebrated with family and friends. Little do you know the weird and wonderful traditions that tend to come with it.

From unconventional to just plain bizarre, check out these 5 Wedding traditions that will leave you wanting to know more.


1. The Kissing Tradition, Sweden

Kissing just became a whole lot more weird! In Sweden, it is tradition to steal a kiss from the Bride or Groom every either the Bride leaves the room and the Groom stays inside or vice-versa. Interesting!

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Image: Youthensnews 

2. Spit on the Bride, Kenya

In Kenya, spitting is a symbol of good luck and fortune. That poor Bride’s face and dress!

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Image: Tales Maze

3. Beating the Feet, South Korea

What in the world? In South Korea, the Groom will remove his shoes and tie his feet together with a rope or sash. The Groomsmen then lift his legs off the ground and start beating the soles of his feet with a stick! Of course, the intention is to check the Groom’s strength and knowledge.

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Image: YouTube

4. Blackening of the Bride, Scotland

Yikes! In Scotland, the Bride is covered from head to toe with all kinds of terrible items! It could be spoiled milk, tar or even feathers. The ritual of covering Bride’s and Groom’s in flour used to be carried out to ward off evil spirits.

Image result for blacken the bride scotland

Image: Sheika’s Palace

5. Money Dance, Poland

Originating in Poland, male guests pay to dance with the Bride. Sometimes, female guests pay to dance with the Groom. Talk about a money making event!

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Image: Tamarind Weddings


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