3 Bridal Hair Hacks To Achieve Your Dream Hair At Your Wedding

If there’s ever a time to have a good hair day, it’s during your wedding day. Nothing feels as good as knowing that your hair is smooth, shiny and picture-ready for your big day. To achieve the bridal hair of your dreams, we spoke to Berna from Exquisite Bridal Hair to tell us her bridal hair hacks. Having industry experience for over 35 years, Berna is the go-to expert for all things bridal hair.

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“I’m loving all bridal hair, I love doing different looks and most of all, I love doing something different. I love structured looks and incorporating different effects to the hair.”

Berna shares her top tips to help brides achieve their dream hair for the big day.

It’s all in prep

Booking your bridal hair might be at the bottom of your to-do list but Berna says this is a major no-no. To plan for the bridal hair of your dreams, you need to book well in advance. You need to book your go-to hairdresser at least six-to-one year in advance.

Berna’s number one tip for brides is to “Book your wedding date, then book in your hairstylist as soon as you have your wedding date done.”

Hair and makeup are key to making sure you feel confident and “you” on your wedding day, so make sure you lock in your favorite hairdresser for your big day. Especially if you have a super popular hairdresser as they are normally booked up for months in advance.

If you’re planning to wear your hair out for your big day, it’s best to see your hairdresser to talk about different hair treatments to keep your locks healthy and shiny for your big day. Be sure to book in a haircut or a trim one week before your wedding day to remove any split ends.

Plan, plan, plan

You might want to stick to your natural hair color for your big day or you may want to switch it up and add some highlights. Whatever it is, make sure that you plan well in advance.

To achieve the perfect hair color, you will need at least two-three sessions at your hair salon to make sure that the color has settled nicely or if the balayage you ordered is heading straight into the brassy-orange territory, that you have time to go back and get it toned. If you’re going to play with your hair color, it’s best to book an appointment with your hairdresser, at least six months before the big day, so you can achieve the hair color you desire.

Berna’s tips when it comes to changing up your hair color: “Having different tones/highlights in your hair brings out the texture of your hairstyle. Make sure your hair color suits your skin tone. If you’re getting a tan, also be mindful of your hair color.”

Coordinate with your bride squad

For your bridesmaids, think the Meghan Markle look. Go for a messy, soft, bun do as it is chic, effortless and stylish and won’t steal the hair spotlight from the bride. A soft bun with a few wispy spray locks to frame the face is a romantic and elegant look perfect for the wedding season.

Berni says: “Something soft and not too over the top. It’s the effortless look that we’re seeing this year.”

Because the look is classy and elegant, it is a timeless hairstyle that will suit anyone -from your bridesmaids to the mother of the bride.

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