2022 Wedding Flower Trends

The start of a new year signifies development and rejuvenation, which is especially true for brides in 2022. Not to forget, the flowers.

It’s perhaps more correct to refer to it as a new epoch. We’re falling back into pre-pandemic routines, dreaming not just of private parties, but of beautiful dresses and sumptuous feasts. Guest lists are growing and couples are choosing to celebrate their weddings on a grander scale.

The year 2020 severely impacted flowers, like so many other sectors. Farmers devised changes to ensure that their crops were not thrown away with the decreasing demands for flowers. As a result, 2022 may continue to be a pivotal year, with you and your florist. It is important that you collaborate to discover the ideal fit for your big day.

This is why working closely with a florist is more crucial than ever, because they know so much about what blooms are in season and which ones match best with your location. It’s essential because you’ll also have direct contact to a highly educated specialist that is eager to assist you.

We spoke to the team at Montana Flora about upcoming wedding flower trends and moving on in a post-pandemic wedding industry:

  1.  In a post-covid era (we hope) of Weddings, what do you think has changed most in Couples’ decisions around your industry/product offering?

In this uncertainty, when we have to deal with so many unexpected things all the time, every couple who is planning their big day really needs to have a think about all the options and backup plans to make sure their wedding is smooth and flexible, and most importantly “happen”.

Prices has increased substantially in the flower industry since Covid happened. As we use a large number of imported flowers, the price is impacted heavily by air freight. This creates a massive impact on every couple’s decision when it comes to flowers. Our industry is trying our best on working on each and every couple’s budget and we are working on the best solution to come to a term that can settle all the last-minute cancellations, postponement and of course, in the worst case, your florist catches Covid before the big day.

We are creating a network so that we can support one another to make sure every event floral gets delivered, it is quite amazing how Covid brings us together. So, to all the couples, please be flexible and understand and be assured that we as an industry will be there for your day. 

  2.  Are there any particular trends you see standing out for 2022 you would like Couples to be aware of? include colours, materials, styles?

For 2022, we are going more personalize on floral and styling. We will work with each and every couple to come up with their unique floral for their very own wedding. Beside the classic look, which is one of the biggest requests from our couples, more and more couples are looking for a very unique look. This is pushing the industry to be more and more creative.

You can see all the amazing flower installations, the unstructured design, with a lot of textures and interesting flowers to be introduce into wedding rather than just roses, baby breath and orchids. As it’s personalized, you will see all the fun colour combinations together, it’s no right or wrong, it’s you and just for you. 

  3.  What is your business doing in gearing up for 2022 Weddings?

We are constantly learning from the global flower network, taking advice from top stylists in the industry to come up with all different concepts and designs for each wedding. Australia is very lucky that we have some of the most amazing florists in the world where we can learn from and support each other. Just like that we are rolling into 2022. A very exciting yet crazy year ahead.

  4.  What piece of advice can you offer Couples in planning their Wedding for 2022?

Be flexible, there will be many couples facing all the changes in their process leading to the big day, even with flowers, we are working with mother nature and an unstable freight network, Covid has created a very unusual working condition for everyone, and we are as well as every single vendor doing our very best to make sure your day is as magical as it can be. 

  5.  With so many incredible celebrity and influencer Proposals, Engagements and Weddings playing out across the globe, what has really stood out for you as a trend that will stick?

Even we are creating so many unique events, the soft and elegant pastel or white and green, in strong grouping will always be greatly appreciated.

Well, there you go fairies! The year 2022 is all about YOU and choosing the aesthetic that best reflects you and your groom.

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Source: Montana Flora
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