20 Wedding Dress Designers To See In NSW

The design of a wedding dress that will make the bride seem and feel like the best version of herself is what attracts a bride’s attention. And, with the stakes so high when it comes to finding “the dress”, it’s worth looking into the many designers NSW has to offer. There are a slew of wedding dress designers both familiar and new to the scene available in NSW who cater to brides of diverse styles, sizes, and budgets.

For the ethereal, delicate and dainty bride, there is most certainly a designer for you… And the glamorous, over the top, extravagent bride – oh is there a designer waiting for you to walk through their doors! The modern, sleek, romantic bride… We haven’t forgotten about you either. There is a wedding dress designer in NSW for EVERY bride!

Here are 20 wedding dress designers to see in NSW form Ready To Wear to Couturists, you’ll find what you’re looking for… Thank us later Fairies!

Alison Davis Couture

Alison Davis is a high-end bridal boutique that specialises in Couture and Haute Couture bridalwear, eveningwear, and baptism dresses.

Each garment is created and made in Sydney, Australia, with Alison overseeing the entire process. Alison’s design approach is sophisticated but seductive, combining modern silhouettes with elaborate details. Each garment is handcrafted by trained artisans using only the best fabrics and embellishments, and each beaded fabric is created exclusively by Alison, ensuring that the Couture Collection is truly one-of-a-kind. Located in Penshurt, NSW.

IMG 902984D981BC 1
Source: Alison Davis Coutute/ Instagram

Pallas Couture

Pallas Couture is a world-renowned premium wedding and eveningwear brand, with each enticing and unique design expressing modern femininity, grace, and sensuality. The designer, which was founded in 2001, has a global reputation for detailed and opulent designs that combine traditional aspects of haute couture with a sleek, high fashion look.

Their identity is a delicate combination of classic couture disciplines and perfect tailoring, with romantic embellishments, resulting in breathtakingly beautiful unique dresses.

Pallas Couture is located in Paddington, NSW and offers enquiries via their website.

IMG 9619
Source: Pallas Couture/ Instagram

J. Andreatta

J.Andreatta is the new face of Australian red carpet and bridal couture. J.Andreatta is a new brand that specialises in bridal and red carpet couture and was founded by Sydney-based designer Jessica Andreatta.

Jessica Andreatta’s designs are forging new ground for brides with shifting forms and surprising fabrications that are both timeless and effortlessly stylish, thanks to her flair for workmanship mixing softness with an edge.

Jessica founded J.ANDREATTA in 2018, with an atelier in Surry Hills. Bridal appointents may me made via their website.

IMG 9621
Source: J.Andreatta/ Instagram

Moira Hughes

Moira Hughes Couture is the result of a lengthy obsession with the flawlessly fitting wedding gown. Moira’s keen eye for detail and attention to fit ensures that everything comes together in a gown that is so one-of-a-kind that you will remember it forever.

Moira had the unusual chance to work with some of the most recognised designers in London and Ireland after graduating with honours from a London fashion school and having a collection presented at London Fashion Week. She eventually relocated to Sydney, where she just launched her flagship store in Woollahra NSW.

IMG 9623
Source: Moira Hughes/ Instagram

Leah Da Gloria

Leah founded her eponymous label in early 2012 after graduating from the Sydney Institute of Design in 2007 and plunging into the limelight with a remarkable performance on Australia’s Project Runway.

Her fashion brand has become the first idea many brides to be, thanks to her significant knowledge gained from working with some of Australia’s most outstanding designers. Leah’s ability to fit and compliment a woman’s figure while also branding the item with her unique form-fitting design has cemented her brand’s place in the fashion world.

Her flagship is located in Petersham, NSW.

IMG 9625
Source: Leah Da Gloria/ Instagram

Rachel Gilbert

Rachel Gilbert, an Australian designer, founded the business in 2007. It specialises in meticulous hand decoration and sophisticated designs for Eveningwear, Social Dressing, and Bridal.

Every aspect of the brand is infused with luxury. Rachel’s own characteristic style has helped to revolutionise eveningwear by bringing a modern approach to design and styling to the industry. Starting with the designer’s workshop, the process moves on to the expert workmanship of craftsmen, and lastly to the Boutique experience, where each design is shown.

Rachel’s keen understanding of what a modern bride requires is evident in her bridal designs. For the Rachel Gilbert bride, elegantly cut floor sweeping dresses provide a timeless refined elegance.

Bridal appointments may be booked online through her website and held at her Paddington bridal suite.

IMG 9627
Source: Rachel Gilbert Bridal/ Instagram

Steven Khalil

Steven Khalil is a well-known Australian designer who specialises in red carpet and wedding dresses. His creations are known for their elegance and beauty, mixing traditional aspects from previous times with a modern twist.

Brides can pick from ‘The House Collection,’ which can all be altered to their liking, or they can design a stunning, one-of-a-kind couture gown.

His boutique is located in Paddington, NSW, you may request an appointment via his website.

IMG 9616
Source: Steven Khalil/ Instagram


Velani by Nicky is a multi-award winning custom bridal and evening wear designer. The materials, which include rich laces imported from Paris and Italy, samples acquired by agents on the lookout, and Nicky’s special ability for making her own, give the garments an individual touch.

Velani examines what the customer wants and gets it built up specifically for them – for example, fabrics and laces that require a certain sort of bead or design. They can manufacture it through a lengthy sampling procedure.

Operating by appointment only, their boutique is located in Five Dock, NSW.

IMG 9629
Source: Velani By Nicky/ Instagram

Grace Loves Lace

Megan Ziems set out to alter the bridal business after becoming disillusioned with the organised, typical wedding ‘uniform’ that dominated the market. She thought that a woman should not be compelled to trade elegance for comfort, and that quality should not be governed by a price tag. She believed that today’s brides deserved more than the ordinary‚Ķ

As a result, Grace Loves Lace’s journey began in 2010. Since then, their team has developed a completely new approach to bridal gown design, focusing on designs that make women feel beautiful and powerful. Their one-of-a-kind wedding dress exudes effortless luxury, craftsmanship, and style. They create dresses with character, uniqueness, and sincerity.

The Sydney showroom is located in Alexandria, NSW.

IMG 9631
Source: Grace Loves Lace/ Instagram

Integrity Boutique

Integrity Boutique is an Australian luxury brand. For the confident and gorgeous, Integrity Boutique designs are known for their elegance, beauty, and timeless trends. Integrity grew quickly as a result of their high-quality workmanship and keen eye for unusual patterns. By combining their distinct reverie ideas, both designers evolved their Ready-To-Wear company into a luxury Evening wear brand, Atelier Couture. This resulted in a method that is unique to each person.

This is defined by working directly with each customer to create a unique couture experience and, ultimately, their gown. Their trademark statement gowns have attracted a growing number of local and international customers.

Located in Bankstown, NSW.

IMG 1E143398E9F4 1
Source: Integrity Boutique/ Instagram

Norma and Lili Bridal Couture

Norma and Lili, a mother-daughter team, make brides’ fantasies come true by creating high-end, handcrafted couture wedding dresses, which has been their lifetime passion. Only the finest fabrics and lace are used at Norma and Lili Bridal Couture.

They pay special attention to the fit and intricacy of each gown we work on because they have over 20 years of expertise. They collaborate closely with the bride and do everything they can from the first meeting to make the bride’s wishes a reality. Hand-beaded Swarovski pearls and crystals adorn each of their beautiful custom-made couture wedding dresses.

IMG BA6C24A96445 1
Source: Norma and Lili Bridal Couture/ Instagram

I am Yulita

Yulita is a wedding designer from Australia who is passionate about all things couture.

Yulita, who is based in Sydney, uses a combination of beautiful fabrics and laces from all over the world to create a classic gown for the modern bride.

Yulita is dedicated to knowing the style of each of her brides as she builds a relationship with them. She is devoted to crafting your ideal gown and making it a wonderful trip, specialising in vintage, glamorous, romantic, and classical styles. Located in Seven Hills, NSW.

IMG D1D223509687 1
Source: I Am Yulita/ Instagram

Karen Willis Holmes

Since its inception in 2000, Australian wedding gown designer Karen Willis Holmes has been at the front of bridal fashion, creating exquisitely inspired and handmade wedding dresses for the elegant, modern, and timeless bride.

Their team is based in Australia, and each member is committed to the mission of their organisation and the brides we have the privilege of working with. When it comes to selecting the right wedding dress, their objective is to always provide a one-of-a-kind, personal, and authentic experience for brides.

Their Sydney boutique is located in Alexandria, NSW.

Jacqueline Elizabeth Karen Willis Holmes BESPOKE 22 Megan Kelly Weddings1WEB.jpg
Source: Karen Willis Holmes

Carmela Ambrogio Couture

Carmela’s passion is designing and creating wedding gowns, and she has been in the field for 20 years. In 2016, after working with some of Sydney’s top wedding designers, she launched her own company, Couture by Carmela Ambrogio.

She takes care in forming ties with her clients so that she may understand their style and produce the appropriate gown for their special events.

She enjoys working on dresses from the first consultation, design illustration, and fabric choosing, through fitting the gown to the body and hand sewing it. Carmela has access to the most incredible high-end laces and silks from across the world, ensuring that your couture wedding dress is one-of-a-kind.

IMG C6F2231F93F5 1
Source: Carmela Ambrogio Coutute/ Instagram

Diane Lewis Couture

Diane Lewis s a well-known Australian Couture Fashion Designer. Lewis established her own label in 1990 and immediately developed a reputation for the quality of her work as well as the design substance of her items. Lewis, who had previously worked as a swimwear designer, intended to introduce a fashion aspect paired with corsetry features to a very conservative section of the fashion industry.
Diane has clothed and styled Royalty, Socialites, and Celebrities as one of Australia’s most revered and sought after designers. Her work has been shown on national and international catwalks.

She is located in Alexandria, NSW.

IMG D069F2FAF7F8 1
Source: Diane Lewis/ Instagram

Lillian Khallouf

Lillian Khallouf is an Australian fashion designer recognised for her wearable couture designs and outstanding workmanship. Lillian’s early profession included training in tailoring and couture, which honed and honed her attention to detail.
Khallouf has spent enough time in the wedding industry to witness it expand into a crowded market where brides are overwhelmed by choices.
The LK bride wants to look like herself while being timeless. She’s a contemporary bride who isn’t bound by convention or traditional bridal attire.

Lillian has achieved the ideal blend of quality and elegance. Her design sense is clean and polished, with a trademark statement that has established the LK bride’s identity. Located in Leichhardt, NSW.

IMG 5D1E15CA0DF9 1
Source: Lillian Khallouf/ Instagram

Blanche Bridal

Designer Helen Guo has always had a strong desire to create bridal gowns. Helen has worked in the London fashion industry for many years and was engaged in arranging London Fashion Week for numerous years after graduating from Middlesex University in London with a Bachelor in Womenswear. Helen developed a distinct sense of fashion design in London, merging classical and modern trends with one-of-a-kind textiles to produce new creations.

Helen began working in the wedding industry in 2010 after more than a decade in the fashion sector. In 2015, she and her business partners opened their own bridal boutique in the heart of Sydney’s bridal centre, Leichhardt, to further pursue her passion for creating wedding gowns.

IMG 5A887595AD14 1
Source: Blanche Bridal/ Instagram

Corston Couture

The romantic charm of the Corston Couture gown is obvious. Always with a twist, whether edgy or eccentric, and perhaps with a homage to a bygone period, but always new and trend ahead.

In the spirit of the former period of luxury couture houses, Corston Couture dresses are accessible to view and try on in their salon in Paddington, Sydney, which is housed in a heritage-listed magnificent Victorian terrace.

IMG 10378666E06D 1
Source: Corston Couture/ Instagram

Couture by Francesca

Couture by Francesca is regarded as one of Sydney’s best bridal gown and Haute Couture designers. Her attention to detail is described as classic, timeless, and breath-taking, with each gown being unique and custom-fit for both beauty and comfort.
The couture service allows each individual to express their thoughts, and Francesca brings your vision of a flawless gown to life by combining her experience, creativity, and blending materials and accessories from all over the world.

Located in Petersham, Stanmore, NSW.

IMG 69251DD4D277 1
Source: Couture by Francesca/ Instagram

KYHA Studios

KYHA (nee One Day) was founded in 2011 as a result of Founder & Creative Director Kyha Scott’s own experience as a bride. Kyha’s ambition was to create collections that pushed the boundaries of wedding design and embraced her own modern aesthetic: sleek simplicity, innovative details, and immaculate execution, since she was tired of tulle and ball dresses.

KYHA has broken the barriers between fashion and wedding since its start, creating show-stopping moments on the red carpet and down the aisle. KYHA and Chosen by KYHA remain the trend forwards choice for people looking to reject the norm and show their individuality.

KYHA and Chosen by KYHA collections, designed in Melbourne, Australia, are currently accessible in over 20 countries worldwide, both online and at the company’s flagship shops in Melbourne and Sydney.

IMG 8F901CD4D3CB 1
Source: KYHA Studios/ Instagram

Feature image: Leah Da Gloria

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