It doesn’t matter whether you’re a guest at the Wedding or part of the Bridal Party, when speaking to the Bride, you must tread with caution.

The Wedding Day will likely be the most exhausting day of the Bride’s life and it doesn’t matter if your intentions are pure, one critique or poorly worded joke can insult her without you even realising it.

So, unless you’re looking to get a slap in the face from Bridezilla, here are the 11 things you should NEVER say to her.

1. Couldn’t You Have Chosen a Venue Closer?

Closer to you, or the other 150 guests travelling from around the world to support her on the Big Day. It’s not about you, so stop complaining.

2. The Gift Registry was a Bit Pricey, Don’t You Think?

Don’t you think the Bride’s well aware of the cost of the gifts? We bet the Wedding cost a whole lot more than what you forked out for some crockery.

3. These Songs are Boring

You mightn’t approve of the Bride and Groom’s playlist, but don’t let them know how much you hate it. If you must, ask the DJ for a song request, or leave the room and dance by yourself.

4. The Food Wasn’t Very Good

Not only has the Bride paid for your dinner, but she probably hasn’t had the chance to even have a bite of her own! Not happy with the food? Tell the venue directly and leave the Bride out of it.

5. OMG, Your Wedding Dress Looks So Comfortable!

Passive aggressive quips are so 1999. Keep it to yourself.

6. I Probably Would’ve Preferred a Traditional Ceremony if it was my Wedding

Well, it’s not your wedding.

7. I’m Just Going to Switch Tables. You Don’t Mind, Do You?

Yes, she minds. She’s probably spent hours trying to work out who’s sitting where.

8. Your Uncle is Really Drunk…

It’s really none of your business.

9. We Have to be Out of the Venue by 11pm? What are We, 70 Years Old?

Rules are rules. If the Bride wants the reception over at 11, it’s her call. Besides the extra few hours of sleep might mean you wake up on the right side of the bed tomorrow.

10. I’m Still Really Hungry

Go get a burger when the reception ends.

11. Why Haven’t You Cut the Cake Yet?

She’s been busy. If you’re that desperate, go buy your own cake and you can cut it whenever you like.

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