Saving for your dream wedding? The year leading up to your wedding is most likely going to turn you into frugal Francine. You’ll be saying ‘no’ to costly nights out on the town, comparing the prices on all your favourite grocery items down to the cent and passing on trips to the cinema (instead, pirating all the new releases like a pro).

If you want to save some extra cash, here are 11 more life hacks to get you there!

1. Leftover Pizza

When you microwave leftover pizza, place a cup of water alongside the slice. This will stop the crust getting soggy.

2. Natural Skincare

If you don’t have enough money to spend on an exxy skincare regime, use ingredients you have in your pantry! Honey, avocado and coconut oil are all great for the skin. Smother on your face and leave for 15-minutes before rinsing.1

Image from runningwithmascara.com

3. Scratched Furniture

If you get a scratch in timber furniture, instead of paying for filler, just grab a raw walnut and rub over the area. The granules from the walnut will rub into the scratch filling it!

4. Use Cash

Studies have shown that people spend more money when they use their credit card, as opposed to when they pay in cash. This is because psychologically, you value cold hard cash more than you do that little plastic card.

5. Honeymoon Flights

When you’re purchasing flights for your honeymoon, clear your computer’s cache each time. Airline companies use your saved history to know when your searching for a better deal and will raise their prices.

6. Old Dish Sponge

No need to replace your dish-washing sponges every few weeks. Did you know that microwaving a sponge for 2-3 minutes will kill 99% of germs?

7. Free Entertainment

Become your public library’s best friend. Membership is free and you can borrow books, magazines, video games and DVDs!

8. Old Razors

Don’t throw out your old razors, use them to rid your knits of those pesky pills or bobbles

9. Give up the Champers

Alcohol is expensive, especially in Australia. Use your wedding as an excuse to give up your nightly wine. Not only will you save big bucks, but it will also help get rid of a pesky extra kilo or two.

10. Balayge

The hair trend, balayage is a God-send for brides-to-be trying to save money. This trend will see the tips of your hair lightened and the roots stay a darker shade that’s almost identical to your natural colour. This technique means you can delay visiting your hair salon again for months, as the regrowth is almost invisible.2

Image from youtube.com

11. Freeze It

We’re all guilty of food wastage, so if you’re trying to save $, befriend your freezer. Instead of trashing leftovers, freeze them. Same goes for food that is soon to expire.

Main image from chicvintagebrides.com

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