11 Grey Wedding Dresses For Every Winter Bride

Rain, hail, or shine, weddings must always go on. Channel your inner Ice Queen/Elsa and act as if the freezing cold isn’t even bothering you anyway and fake it ’till you make it, because winter weddings are a thing, and boy are they glorious.

Set against a gloomy winter’s day sky, chilly breezes fluttering your lace veil across you and your groom mid-picture, and close snuggles to warm yourself up, a wedding in July provides all the romance you didn’t know you needed. Cheesy? Of course. But who doesn’t love a good dollop of cheese?

Nothing brings a winter wedding to life like a colour scheme to match. Ditch the pale pink, whites, and greens, and say hello to dark, bold colours to create that sense of warmth. Now don’t stop when it comes to your wedding dress, because white is out, and we’re going grey.

Here are all of the grey wedding dresses you didn’t know you’d need, no matter what type of style you’ve set your eyes on.



Written by Hanan Merheb

Cover photo by @mywony_bridal

Posted in Fashion, Wedding dresses by wedded wonderland

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