What men do, women can do better; we can shave our faces, too!

We understand your confusion and we know how absurd this sounds, but face shaving is a thing – for women (and, hey, if Huda Beauty does it, it can’t be wrong!); So to get you past your initial apprehension, here are ten things you should know before you brave the Face Shave:

1. Man Shaving vs. Woman Shaving

When we say face shaving, we don’t mean sharing the bathroom mirror and shaving cream with your man in the morning. It’s a completely different technique! No shaving cream is needed – in fact, nothing at all should actually be on your face when you shave.

2. The Razor

You’re shaving, yes, but you’re not using your usual old razor, so please put down the razor you used to shave your legs. Don’t even think about using a man’s razor either. There are specific facial razors you can buy online that have a tiny blade and these are the ones that will make sure you do the right job.

3. It’s Not New

While it may seem like a new advanced strategy for female facial hair removal, face shaving isn’t new at all. Face shaving was done by all the best women in showbiz including Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor – even the queen of Egypt herself, Cleopatra!

[youtube id=”md-2UEa99PY”]

4. It’s Like a Luxe Facial

With face shaving, you’re really just exfoliating, but without the exfoliating cream. It’s like a high-end facial because you’re actually removing the dead skin cells from your skin, instead of just moving them around – No more clogged pores!

5. More Moisture

Because your skin is now free from all the bad stuff (like dead skin cells and grime), any skincare product you apply is going to be absorbed so much better. Foundation will go on smoother and your moisturiser can finally pass through your tiny hair traps!

6. No Stubble

Contrary to the most popular myth in the book, face shaving will not cause your hair to grow thicker or darker. You also won’t be subject to sporting stubble any time soon.

7. Peach Fuzz?

We know that peach fuzz is just not pretty, but, do you know what else is bad about those little cheeky hairs (pun intended)? They can actually contribute to clogging up your pores, so by getting rid of them in face shaving, you’re clearing up your skin!


8. Blondes Can Do It

Where are all our light-haired girls at? Some may argue that face shaving does nothing that bleaching can’t; bleaching, however, isn’t a viable option for women with light hair. If you’re self-conscious about that blonde upper lip, grab a razor and Bob’s your uncle.

9. Reduce Redness

Redness may be a side effect – so this one’s a warning to those who have sensitive skin. Be careful not to irritate your skin. The razor is small, so don’t glide it against your face like you might do with your leg. Instead, short downward rubbing motions will do the trick.

10. The Nasty Ingrowns

Let’s not forget, shaving does cause ingrown hairs and this applies to your face, too. If you have medium to dark skin, you have a higher chance of ingrowns appearing. You’re less likely to form them if you have lighter skin.

Video and Images from Huda Beauty.

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