Zayn Malik Dropped Hints About Gigi Hadid Split Before Shock Announcement

One of the world’s most photogenic couples have called it quits and we’re now questioning what it means to be young and in love.

Zayn Malik – arguably the best ex-member of One Direction – and Gigi Hadid – the supermodel that you want to be best friends with – decided to end their two-year long relationship, letting fans know over social media.

Zayn took to Twitter to announce the sad news, describing their relationship as an “incredibly meaningful, loving and fun” one.

Gigi also used Twitter as a platform to address the split, making a statement around how “impersonal” break up addresses can sometimes be. Still referring to Zayn as “Z,” Gigi wished “nothing but the best for him.”

The split reportedly occurred due to the distance and time spent apart, with the couple’s conflicting schedules to blame.

Despite the breakup being officially announced a few hours ago, avid #Zigi fans have pointed out earlier hints from Zayn that signalled the split.

Before the announcement, Zayn posted a shirtless selfie on Instagram with the caption, “When Life throws you lemons , catch em so they don’t hit you in the fucking face.”

He also unfollowed Gigi and the rest of her family on Instagram, while Gigi – at the moment – still follows Zayn.

Fans have also been left wondering what will come of the tattoo Zayn has of what is apparently Gigi’s eyes on his chest.

Well, Zayn, if you’re having some tattoo regrets, we’ve got you covered.

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