Your October Horoscope Is Here

Rescu‘s resident astrology expert, Yasmin Boland, is back to give you an in-depth look at your stars this month:

The love and abundance planet Venus is retrograde

If you follow astrology, you might remember that back in July/August we had a super retrograde period where just about every planet that could be retrograde (Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) was. However there was one notable exception; the love and abundance planet Venus.

That was then and now most of the planets are moving forwards again. However, this month, on October 6, Venus now goes retrograde. So what does it mean?

As always when a planet is reversing (or appearing to) we get second chances. In this case, Venus retrograde brings second chances to do with love or abundance. In other words, if you are keen to reunite with a past lover or make up with a dear friend after a falling out, it’s possible.

As well, because Venus is about abundance, if you want to renegotiate a financial agreement you have, any time this month after the 6th is potential-packed (especially around the 24th and 31st).

Note that Venus retrograde is also an excellent time for forgiveness so if you wronged someone and want to make amends, October (after the 6th) is a brilliant time to extend the olive branch.

Aries – Venus is going backwards bringing second chances in love

Taurus – Work on your relationships, especially any which have been troubled

Gemini – it makes October excellent for moving on from anyone or anything holding you back

Cancer – These parts of your life are up for renewal 

Leo – This New Moon in your Communications Zone brings energy galore to be spent on communicating

Virgo – Your mind is being drawn back inexorably to people and places you’ve loved in the past

Libra – The chance to start again in any part of your life where you know it’s needed

Scorpio – here are the hottest love dates of the month ahead…

Sagittarius – You are being given extra time to think about how fear doesn’t help anything! 

Capricorn – There is likely to be some kind of tug of war going on in your heart 

Aquarius – It’s about higher learning and self-improvement.

Pisces – If you’re reconsidering your whole life and getting your priorities straight, then lucky you!


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