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Our friends over at Rescu are here to give us an insight into our stars this July. Resident expert astrologer Yasmin Boland has everything you need to know for the next 31 days, so prepare yourselves – it’s Cancer season.

This is an eclipse month. It means the energies are extra high. The eclipses are marked by points in the sky called lunar nodes. If the New or Full Moon is a certain number of degrees away from the Nodes, it’s a New or Full Moon eclipse.

The Lunar Nodes are quite complex to explain here but think of them as a knot in the cosmos where energy gathers. On an energetic level, they are like portals that line up a few times a year with the Sun and the Moon, and when they do, there’s an eclipse.

If a regular New Moon is good for manifesting and intention setting, then a New Moon eclipse is that plus.

So – as there is a New Moon eclipse this month – this is the time to get our ducks in order, regardless of our star sign, in particular when it comes to domestic matters, as the New Moon is in the home sign of Cancer.

What needs sorting out in your home? At the very least think about this under this month’s New Moon eclipse.

Cancer is the sign which is all about home, family, hearth, kindness, where home is, where you feel at home and other private matters. Once a year we get the New Moon eclipse here. That will trigger everyone’s chart differently, depending on their star sign (or rising sign). But overall it’s the time to work on your home.

Cancer Sarah Frances Art

Sarah Frances Art

Your Home Is Your Temple

Think of your home as your temple month and refresh the space. If you only do an energetic space clearing in there once a year, do it when the New Moon in Cancer takes place. Refreshing the space will include opening the windows to let fresh air in on a regular basis, no matter what the season.

If you’re living in tundra- or desert-like conditions, counter this with plants and natural air cleaners such as beeswax candles. Burning white sage also clears a space amazingly well. As well, there is just nothing like good music to raise the vibration of a space! Avoid chemical pollutants like plug-in air conditions as they just create messy air space! Instead use a pure, preferably organic essential oil room spray.


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