Your Guide To Picking The Perfect Wedding Date

One of the very first decisions you make when planning a wedding is setting the date. This can be a difficult task, especially when considering the different weather attached to each season.

Finding the right time of year is crucial when planning your big day as the decision you make will have their benefits and consequences. You may have your heart set on having your celebration during a certain month, but it is essential to do your research on what problems you may encounter during this time.

Luckily, we’ve got all the info you need right at your fingertips with our list of pros and cons for each wedding season.



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1. Longer Days

With day light savings in place, the sun doesn’t set until 8pm, giving you and your guests the ability to party the day away. You will have unlimited photo opportunities, venue availabilities and all-round sunshine for your special day. What more could you want?

2. Floral Availability

Whatever you’ve been pining for on your Pinterest is more than likely available in Summer. Nearly every flower is in perfect bloom at this time, giving you stunning arrangements. From gorgeous daisies, dahlias and marigolds, your wedding bouquet will look flawless.

3. Lots of Venue Choice

Summer weddings are perfect for any type of venue – especially outdoor choices. From beach weddings, lakeside weddings, garden weddings and so much more, the possibilities seem endless! The vibrant sun will make your wedding look picturesque in any setting.



1. Higher Temperature

No one likes sweating, especially not on your wedding day. No bride wants to sweat off her makeup or look oily in her wedding pictures.

2. Guests Away on Summer Holidays

Summer is the perfect time for families to go away on holidays, so planning a wedding during this season can be tricky. Make sure you send out invitations well in advance to avoid a lack of attendance.

3. Harsh Lighting for Pictures

It will be more challenging to be photographed in the spots you may have envisioned during the summer months. Careful consideration must be placed on the lighting during this season as you don’t want your photos to be oversaturated with sunlight.



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1. Perfect Weather

Falling right between Summer and Winter, the autumn weather is a favourite for many. As it’s not too hot and not too cold, Autumn would be Goldilocks number one choice for a wedding date.

 2. Natural Beauty

With perfect oranges, reds and yellows floating around (literally, with all the falling leaves), this can create the most picturesque wedding photos and themes. You can’t go wrong in using the natural beauty of this season.

3. Food

Autumn is known as the harvest season for a reason. As seasonal cuisine is all the rage at weddings right now, you are in luck – Autumn allows for some pretty delicious options for your celebration. From savoury comfort cuisines to decadent entrées and desserts, there is no faulting the food during this season.



1. Pigeonholing Your Colour Scheme

Many people are drawn to Autumn because of the colour scheme, but this can limit your creativity. Be sure that you choose what YOU want during this time and not just what the season permits.

2. Limited Venue Choice

As the most popular time of year to be married, finding venues can be extremely difficult. Be sure to book at least a year in advance for this busy wedding season.

3. Money

With summer just past, many guests have spent their money on holidays and are strapped for cash. Though we wouldn’t suggest choosing your wedding season based on the gifts you receive, it is important to remember not to be offended by what you are given.



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1. Save Money on Vendors

There is a very low demand for vendors and venues during this time as it is the least popular wedding season. So, get saving and cut down on costs with a winter wedding.

2. Rich and Warm Desserts

Winter is the perfect time to indulge in warm and decadent sweets. You can’t go wrong with warm apple pies, creamy puddings and molten lava chocolate cakes, so, treat your guests with tasty and rich desserts.

3. Summer Honeymoons

While it may be winter in Australia, Europe is in high summer. As the perfect time for an island beachside honeymoon or a tour around Europe, planning a flawless honeymoon is easy when you aren’t limited by weather.



1. Limits Dress Options

The colder weather really limits the options available for your wedding dress. No one wants their day ruined by having to wear extra, restrictive layers. Not only that but dressing appropriately can be difficult during this season, as guests are limited for clothing options too.

2. Less Daylight Hours

With the sun setting at 5pm, this limits your ability to make the most out of the day. It is important to make sure everything sticks to plan so you can to make the most of the sun.

3. Staying Warm

This can be extremely tricky during this season. If you are hosting your ceremony or reception inside, there isn’t much to worry about, but if you have to be outside at all, there may be a problem. Although bonfires and heaters are a sweet and cosy option, you don’t want your guests getting hypothermia.




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1. Perfect Lighting

This time of year is renowned for having the best lighting – not too harsh, not too dull. The perfect lighting will make all your wedding photos pop.

2. Great Colour Palettes

Ever dreamed of gorgeous soft pinks, blue and yellows for your dream wedding? Then Spring is perfect for you. With a stunning natural colour palette, this season is perfect for pastels and a soft wedding theme that will bring that something extra to your big day.

3. New Beginnings

Spring is the perfect time for new beginnings. Known as the season of re-birth, everything comes to life during this time. With the feeling of freshness and new life in the air, what better time to start out your journey of life together.



1. Allergy Season

With all the gorgeous fresh flowers around, the strong aroma is enough to make anyone’s allergies act up. No one wants to be sneezing as they walk down the aisle! Make sure that you stock up on allergy medication for the day and be weary of allergy season.

2. Supply and Demand for Venues

As a very popular time for weddings, Spring’s supply and demand for venues increases. Planning months in advance is crucial for this season if you want that beautiful picturesque Spring wedding.

3. Temperamental Weather

While spring is beautiful, the weather can be unpredictable. With unexpected sun showers and crazy heat waves, making sure that you have a back-up plan for your big day is a necessity during this time of year – you don’t want to be caught off guard!

Written by Ellen Kirkness 

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