Your Diamond Ring Style Based On Your Personality

A ring is more than just a pretty rock on your finger. It’s a thought-out, special piece of jewellery that not only symbolises your love and dedication, but also represents the kind of person you are.

When shopping for a ring, you may have an idea in mind of what you want, but it’s not until you’re standing in front of all those sparkly options that you realise the exact type of that’s meant for you.

Still, if you’re unsure, we’ve got a pretty accurate guide that should help you match your ring to your personality.

The Sophisticated Woman

You’ve been keeping up with the Royals (the British kind, not the Kardashians) but only for the wedding inspo. A lace bodice and long slender sleeves marries up (excuse the pun) with your dream oval diamond ring, and your wedding is more likely to be a lush ivory affair than an all-night dance party.

The Simplistic Bride

You’re not fussed about the major details of your wedding – you’d be happy saying “I Do” with just a few familiar faces to bear witness. Your gown is flowy and comfortable, one that you can dance around in without bearing an extra 10 kilos of tulle. Your cake is naked and probably tastes of lemon.

The Old Soul

You’ve been dreaming of yesteryear and looking to the stars (aka Hollywood’s Golden Age) for some divine inspiration. You’re flashy but in a contained way, with a strong emphasis on every detail, from the lace of your gown to the source of your cutlery. If it’s not authentic, you don’t want it.


The sharp points of your ring are nothing compared to you. You’re in control of everything and you don’t need little chatter in your ear along the lines of “oh, but this would look so good if you did it this way.” Your gown is dramatic in the sleekest way, with a strong silhouette and a daring neckline (Warning: Don’t stare directly at her ring, you’ll be hypnotised).

The Indie Bride

You’ve been eyeing out a special kind of ring for a while and it doesn’t bother you that everyone’s taking a second before reacting. The ring means something to you and your partner – the less conventional, the better, plus it goes with your eclectic wedding theme. The best part? The diamonds are conflict-free.

A Romantic At Heart

All things blush come to mind when the Pinterest board gets pulled out. You’ve been dreaming about your wedding for as long as you can remember and now it’s finally happening. Pastels touch every bit of your styling and you’ve picked a photographer that’s all about capturing sentimental little moments.

The Modern Woman

You’re creative, independent, and open to new things. You’re not here to get thrown under the weight of wedding prep stress – your positive attitude and open mind means you don’t get distracted by the run-around from any of your suppliers. You know what you want and how to get it.

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