Your December Horoscope Is Here

We’ve finally reached December and with Christmas and New Year’s edging closer, now is the perfect time to sit down and reflect on the month to come. WW Ambassador RESCU‘s resident Astrologer, Yasmin Boland, has some in-depth advice about how December is the perfect time to embrace new life lessons and live with integrity.

As the planets shift and Saturn moves into Capricorn, Yasmin has the breakdown on how to take these changes in stride.

So make the most of 2017 while you can!



You’re at a now or never point in your career. Turn your passions from a hobby into action, focus on doing it well and you’ll be rewarded. See your in-depth December horoscope here.


Have you achieved the things you’ve wanted to throughout your life? Use this time to start working towards your goals. See your in-depth December horoscope here.


You may be feeling drained from the demands of people around you. Things are changing and good karma is on its way. See your in-depth December horoscope here.


Saturn is in your Love Zone and the foundations of your special relationships may continue to grow stronger. See your in-depth December horoscope here.


2018 will be a big year for you, so stay organised. Keep an online or paper diary to keep track of what’s happening and what you want to achieve. See your in-depth December horoscope here.


The key for this month is to stop worrying and to give yourself a break from drama in your life. It’s crucial to also think about yourself as well as others. See your in-depth December horoscope here.


If you’ve been experiencing some ups and downs lately, you’ll see that they will start to ease up. Settling down may be in the cards. See your in-depth December horoscope here.


It’s time to focus on the positive things in your life. If things aren’t always good, focus on trying to find a solution. See your in-depth December horoscope here.


Times are changing, but you may not notice this straight away. This is a good time to start getting financially organised. See your in-depth December horoscope here.


Saturn is in your sign and it can help make your dreams a reality. Think about the things that you want and how to get there. See your in-depth December horoscope here.


Now is the time to face your fears. Don’t let self-doubt hold you back any longer; start setting your goals for 2018 as it will be a big year. See your in-depth December horoscope here.


Expect to learn a lot of important lessons from your friends and ask yourself who you really want in your life. See your in-depth December horoscope here.


Need an in-depth look at December? Watch Yasmin Boland explain what December has in store for you.

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