Your Bridal Beauty Journey

Bridal Beauty Journey – hear from the experts on skin prep and makeup ideas for the big day!

Your Bridal beauty journey begins with beautiful skin, helping you achieve a gorgeous glow for your big day. With a little extra help from a fresh tan and beautiful makeup application, you will be Wedded looking and feeling your best! Below we hear expert advice, suggestions and ideas from Suppliers in the beauty industry to guide you on your beauty journey!

Maintaining a skincare routine:

Having a skincare routine established will help you renew and rejuvenate your skin in preparation for your big day. You will be wearing makeup for the majority of your Wedding day so ensure your skin is a beautiful base to keep your makeup lasting and preventing irritation. Oujini Skincare is proudly an authentic Australian brand offering a “luxurious collection of signature skincare essentials formulated using natural, pure and organic ingredients not only repairing but rejuvenating your skin naturally.” You can check out their collection here and add their products to your daily skincare routine!

Facials and treatments:

Facials are designed to address skin concerns and help you get closer to your skin goals. Your skin will be near perfect leaving you with a lasting confidence when you find the right treatments for your skin needs – it’s important to seek a professional opinion to find what’s right for you. Most treatments take at least up to 10-12 weeks to see results and more if you have problematic skin, our advice is to start skin treatments 6 months before your Wedding day. The team at Kaelon Beauty are “result orientated and create a bespoke experience for you”, aiming to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated radiant. A few of their treatments include clinical facials, glow peel and collagen induction therapy.

Laser hair removal:

We all dream of removing our unwanted hair painlessly! Laser hair removal is an effective and permanent hair reduction service suitable to treat all skin types and colours. Gone is the pain of waxing and stressing about having unwanted hair – it’s the last thing you need to be stressing about before your big day which is why laser hair removal is as effective as it is convenient. A few of our Wedded World Suppliers offering laser hair removal services include Rejuvenate Medispa Bankstown and Melissa Young Beauty, both offering effective and professional services!

Makeup ideas:

You now have the perfect canvas with beautiful skin, now you’ll need products and a makeup look which will complement your skin! It’s best to do a makeup trial a month before your Wedding to see how your makeup looks in different lighting, photos and to see how the makeup reacts with your skin. Ask QUESTIONS, your makeup artist is there to not only glam you up but also provide suggestions and recommendations of products and looks. Yvette Elias from Yves Bridal through her exceptional skills and experience will collaborate with you to deliver a ‘signature look for your Wedding day’ – focusing on what works for your complexion and skin. 

We hope this expert advice provides you with guidance for your Bridal beauty journey! There is nothing quite like lasting confidence through beautiful skin and a beaming complexion. Access all of the exclusive Wedded World offers from the Suppliers above and commence your Bridal beauty journey!

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