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Our friends at Rescu are here to give us an insight into our stars for August. Resident astrology expert Yasmin Boland has everything you need to know about the next 31 days.

Strap yourself in fairies; August is going to be chaotic.

As you’re probably already aware, Mars is currently in retrograde which can explain why life feels crazier than usual. This feeling is not going to disappear with Uranus -the planet of madness- also beginning its retrograde phase. For those unfamiliar with the concept, retrograde is when a planet’s orbit slows and therefore, appears to move backwards in comparison to Earth.

Ironically, things aren’t going to slow down anytime soon. The retrograde of various power planets will make life feel unsettled for the next couple of weeks. However, it’s not all bad. When the planets are in reverse, it gives us a chance to review and rethink. If you are feeling the stressful effects of retrograde just a little too much, try practicing deep breathing and meditation to alleviate the tension.

To add to this madness, we will experience the third and final full New Moon eclipse of this season. This will create energy to propel any new projects or adventures. Now is a great time to define your goals and desires for the coming month to ensure they reach their full potential.

A full moon can also ignite emotions and bring them to the spotlight. Be aware of this as you navigate your relationships throughout the month. Focus on forgiving those who have hurt you and being honest about your feelings.

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Significant changes are on the horizon. It’s time to let your hair down and embrace the good times ahead. See your in-depth August horoscope here.


It’s all about home and family this month. If you’re feeling uninspired by your current love life, it’s time to shake things up. Figure out what you want and go for it. See your in-depth August horoscope here.


If your life has been riddled with confusion and miscommunication, this will come to an end. Your messages will now be heard loud and clear by those around you. See your in-depth August horoscope here.


Your finances could be coming to fruition this month. An ongoing issue could be resolved with new found prosperity. See your in-depth August horoscope here.


Life can seem like a bumpy road right now. It’s the perfect time to think about the life you want to live. The universe will support the changes to make it happen. See your in-depth August horoscope here.


Now is the time to centre yourself with new practise like meditation or yoga. This will aid with finding the answers you need from within. See your in-depth August horoscope here.


Let the universe know what your desire and it will happen. Make a wish at 11 am on the 11th of August. See your in-depth August horoscope here.


Your career will be in the spotlight this month. A new cycle is starting which means you will dazzle your colleagues with your achievements and projects will move fast. See your in-depth August horoscope here.


It’s time to be bold and satisfy the travel bug within. Any confusion you’ve had over the past year will evaporate. The answers are now clear. See your in-depth August horoscope here.


Your love life is about to ignite with passion. Financially, things are looking up. Make your intentions clear and you will receive everything you have worked for. See your in-depth August horoscope here.


There will be a breath of fresh air into your romantic situation. If you’re in a relationship, any disagreements will be resolved. Single girls should be open to new love. See you in-depth August horoscope here.


If you’re in a rut with your current routine, this month will offer a chance to change things. Alter your timetable to make things suit your new outlook. See your in-depth August horoscope here.

Written by Sarah Mourtos

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