Finding the perfect Wedding Gown is like finding the perfect guy. Once you’ve got it, you don’t want to let it go. So, on the Wedding Day, you’ve got to make sure the dream dress gets its time in the spotlight.

It’s so important to give your photographer a thorough brief before the Wedding and unless you want some serious post-Wedding remorse, make sure you add these 11 gown shots to the list.

1. The Hanging Shot

Before you get dressed, get a shot of the gown hanging. Add your shoes and accessories for something a little bit extra.

hangermainImage from Sarah and Jason’s Wedding. Photography by Lara Hotz

2. The Getting Dressed Shot

Whether you’re being zipped up by your Mum, or buttoned up by your Bridesmaids, make sure you get a photo of you getting dressed.

dressedmainImage from Mia and Jarred’s Wedding. Photography by Julia Winkler

3. The Bottom Half

So many of the photos will be aimed at your face throughout the day that the detail on the bottom of the dress might be lost. Don’t forget to give the bottom half of the gown some love!

bottommainImage from Mia and Tom’s Wedding. Photography by Blumenthal Photography

4. The Back

The back of the gown also tends to be overlooked throughout the day, so make it clear you want a back-shot. This is especially important if your gown comes complete with back detailing.

backmainImage from Nicole and Raymond’s Wedding. Photography by Simon Gorges

5. The Veil

The veil is generally only worn for a short part of the Wedding Day, so get some close-ups of the detailing from all angles before you take it off.

veilmainImage from Salma and Baders’ Wedding. Photography by  Filmatography.

6. Walking Away

Ask the photographer to get an image of you and the Groom walking away from the camera. This will capture the back of your gown, but will also be a nice private moment where the two of you aren’t staring at camera.

awaymainImage from Demosthenes and Elle’s Wedding. Photography by Enchanted Wedding Photography 

7. The Train

A princess needs a train, so don’t overlook the importance of getting a shot of the train fanned out behind you.

trainmainImage from Louise and Charbel’s Wedding. Photography by Tom Psomotragos 

8. The Shoe Shot

The aim of this photo is to show-off your gorgeous heels, as well as the layers of tulle and fabric of the gown. Sit or stand and simply gather up the bottom of the gown and lift just off the floor.

heelmainImage from Michelle and Reinaldi’s Wedding. Photography by  Axioo 

9. The Dance Floor

This photo generally captures the gown best when the camera is sideways to you – that way you can get the profile of the dress!

dancemainImage from Sabrina and Daniel’s Wedding. Photography by Joseph Koprek

10. The Motion Picture

Whether you’re walking towards or away from the camera, getting a snap of the gown in movement will capture the weight of the fabric and highlight any pleating.

movementmainImage from Chris and Fiona’s Wedding. Photography by  Lost in Love

11. The Waist

Getting a close-up of the waist and bodice is a must, especially if there’s detailing and beading. Extra credit is given if you place your hands on the waist and show-off your Wedding rings!

waitmainImage from Danielle and Andrew’s Wedding. Photography by Image Frenzy

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