We’ve all heard of the groom and his groomsmen trekking to the other end of the globe for a crazy bucks night or a ‘boys only’ weekend away (made even more popular by movies like The Hangover), but where can a bride and her bridesmaids head to for some fun without breaking the budget?

You’re in for a treat fairies, because we’ve got an overseas destination that’s literally on Australia’s doorstep. Christchurch, New Zealand is in its prime and is blossoming with festivals, arts and a list of never ending fun-filled activities. The vibrant city which was struck by a tragic earthquake in February of 2011 is rebuilding and supporting new businesses. It was once said from tragedy, beauty is born, and we were absolutely blown away by the natural beauty, positivity and love that Christchurch and its people have to offer. Wedded Wonderland was fortunate enough to be whisked away by Air New Zealand to take part in a ‘Girls Only’ weekend away, courtesy of Christchurch and Canterbury Tourism.

So, of course, it was our absolute pleasure to research just some of what Christchurch has to offer and put together our ultimate Hen’s Weekend itinerary.

Day 1


Arriving at a chilly Christchurch, we were met with breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountains and endless green terrain. We were immediately greeted by lovely and enthusiastic airport staff (a make or break when travelling) and were quickly on our way to start our adventure.

First stop, The Tannery Boutique Retail and Arts Emporium. A building inspired by The Strand Arcade in Sydney, The Tannery has transformed into the city’s new shopping and entertainment destination. Quirky cafes, delicatessens and eclectic clothing and jewellery boutiques kept us occupied. So, whether you prefer retail therapy or a steaming cup of cocoa, there’s something for everyone at this new hotspot.

Second stop, our accommodation for the night, Hotel Montreal. Just recently opened and refurbished, this hotel blends European flair with contemporary styling. Our room, The Deluxe Suite, can only be described as Kardashian-esque and boasted its own separate lounge area, plasma TV, kitchen, iPad and the biggest and softest bed since Sleeping Beauty.


After a sneaky pillow fight (what’s a girl’s weekend without one?), it was time to slip on our Louboutins and get ready for a night on the town.

For our first night in Christchurch, we were to experience the flavours and electric atmosphere of the city’s popular Victoria Street. Our night out began at King of Snake, an uber cool bar with dark interior, interesting wallpaper, various seating options, a great bar and terrific cocktails.

The Ballerina Girl2

Next stop is Mexiano’s; hands down the best taco’s in all of Christchurch! This restaurant sports ‘day of the dead’ inspired styling with colourful sombreros and stick-on moustaches. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t take about 50 selfies using the props, although some of us definitely looked better wearing a mo than others.

The last stop for the night was well known bar Chinwag Eathai, which boasted the most delicious Thai food and although all the food was divine, we couldn’t go past the winning dish – a doughnut with custard, jelly and chocolate syringes on the side. We all know a girl’s dinner date isn’t finished without a pastry of some kind and the biggest disagreement we had throughout the entire day was figuring out whether the squirt the chocolate onto the warm doughnut, or straight into our mouths.

Our first day in Christchurch was a foodie’s delight and one that was filled with giggles, cocktails and dish after dish of deliciousness. In case you’re wondering, we took a vote and it’s unanimous that the chocolate should go straight into the mouth.

Stay tuned for the second part of our NZ adventure…



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