Ole Lynggaard was established in 1963 and is renowned as the go-to jeweler for luxury nature-inspired jewellery. Charlotte Lynggaard, daughter of Ole, joined the company in 1992, bringing a modern twist to each piece. Her drive and creativity has continued to grow Ole Lynggaard, with the brand worn by celebrities and royalty alike.

We had the pleasure of interview Charlotte on the newest collection, as well as the Ole Lynggaard legacy.

WW: Your new summer collection combines earthy elements with a contemporary colours/shapes/materials, is this juxtaposition something you strive for, or does it come naturally?

Charlotte Lynggaard: I was inspired by the forest and its incredible ecosystem to create the Golden Forest collection. This juxtaposition is not something I strive for. It is my personal signature and style that comes naturally when drawing. My style is sophisticated, contemporary and feminine which shapes and defines the inspiration I take in.


WW: Why did you choose to design around the lotus flower? What is it that inspires you about the lotus?

Charlotte Lynggaard: The Lotus collection is very close to my heart because it’s been the most challenging and the process has taken more than 3 years to perfect. The colour combinations are incredible and I love the luxurious bohemian look & feel of this collection. The rutile quartz Lotus ring nr. 4 is one of my personal favourites.

WW: Your design of your new Love Bands was created using a new technique, what is that technique?

Charlotte Lynggaard:It is not really a new technique. It is only the design look. But there is a difference compared to the straight Love Bands which is the way the stones are placed. The stones are elevated on the curved Love Bands instead of carved into the metal which makes them stand out a bit more.

WW: Is there any significance with its curved design that features heavily in the rings and the armbands?

Charlotte Lynggaard: No, the Love Bands came out from a design process. But I do love organic jewellery and in that sense I tried to make them more alive and organic.


WW: What was your first piece of jewellery growing up?

Charlotte Lynggaard: My father gave me a beautiful gold bracelet with a turquoise stone.

WW: Do you remember the first piece of jewellery you ever created?

Charlotte Lynggaard: Yes! My biggest concern, when I started 25 years ago was, that someone would mark me as “the daughter who copied her father”. So my first collection was a design and a pattern that my dad would never get to do. I decided to put all my passion in the outdoors and nature, and would let the jewellery get the shape of flowers and bees – and thank God, it was a success! I have been lucky with my collections ever since. The collection was called the Flower and the Bee.


WW: What’s your favourite/most treasured piece of jewellery?

Charlotte Lynggaard: All our collections are equally dear to me, but at the moment I am especially fond of our new 18-karat leaf rings from our Leaves Collection. It is a collection inspired by the organic beauty of nature and I’ve also borrowed some elements from our Midnight Tiara that I designed for a tiara exhibition that was held in the Royal Palace, Amalienborg, in Copenhagen in 2009.

WW: Can you describe what the typical Ole Lynggaard wearer is like?

Charlotte Lynggaard: We have a passion for making women all over the world feel beautiful and special. Our jewellery is designed for the self-confident woman, who appreciates quality, uniqueness and the beautiful things in life. She is not afraid of standing out and jewellery is something very personal to her and a way of expression. Every time I see a stylish charismatic woman wear my designs, it fills me with warmth. Our Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is a great ambassador for Danish design and fashion. I get very proud every time I see her wear OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN jewellery because she wears it so beautifully.

WW: You’re described as bringing forth an elegant and rough, yet sensual look to your designs. Do you think this is accurate and how do you bring these three different things together?

Charlotte Lynggaard: I don’t like to categorize our collections, but I guess my designs are sophisticated, contemporary and feminine, whereas my father’s designs are classic and sculptural. The common traits of our design are the passion for craftsmanship, the close attention to detail and the use of the finest materials in the world. Even though we both each have our own individual style and design you can still see that our designs derive from the same passion, craftsmanship and heritage  – whether it it’s a Lotus ring designed by me or a SNAKE ring designed by my father, you can clearly see, by looking at the design, surface, quality and execution, that it is an OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN ring. This, you could say, is the point of intersection in our designs – the fact that you are not in doubt that it is a piece of jewellery designed and handcrafted by us.


WW: You’ve previously said you’ve been inspired by the ‘look’ of people.  How do you go about the design process from seeing these muses to putting it onto paper?

Charlotte Lynggaard: So many things inspire me from my every day life. My family, travelling and people I meet.  But also women from different cultures are a great inspiration  – the way they dress, their cultural diversity, their life stories. I always carry a notebook with me on travels so when I feel inspired I start sketching and getting ideas by just observing them. What mostly inspires me when designing is the nature and you can see this in many of our collections like LOTUS, NATURE, FLOWER, and DEW DROP.

WW: Inspiration is something that doesn’t come easily to some, but never-ending for others. Have you ever reached a point where inspiration escaped you? Can you describe this point and how you overcame it?

Charlotte Lynggaard: A major source of inspiration is always life’s many contrasts – like the Scandinavian nature combined with inspiration from the strict Japanese style. Whether it comes in the form of furnishings, clothing or here in my latest jewellery designs. To me designing is often about the contrast in colours, styles, mixing contemporary with the classic, the wild with the stylish or the simplicity with daring. I also find a lot of inspiration from my travels and from the people I meet. I enjoy the nature outside Copenhagen and being with my family! Sometimes also just being on my own, going to an exciting place for a few days, giving myself the luxury to be inspired and use this peace and inspiration in my designs – and always with my little sketchbook by my side. Could also be a trip with my husband and children, in a nice hotel with atmosphere, close to the water – and at the same time being able to visit exciting museums or different places.

I find a lot of strength when connecting with nature. That is my way of continually getting inspired. I love feeling unified with the nature. Denmark has quite an extraordinaire nature that both inspire me on a personal and professional level. Long quite walks, alone or with my family, is one of the things I love the most. It helps me find my inner peace and relaxation.


WW: What are some of the biggest mistakes women make when wearing jewellery?

Charlotte Lynggaard: Buy, wear a single time and throw away, it’s a waste. I think every woman should have a piece of jewellery that has an important meaning to her, something that makes her feel beautiful and unique – whether it is a ring or a beautiful pendant – something with a meaning. If it has a meaning to you, it will always stand out and become a natural part of your outfit, because you will always wear it with pride and elegance

WW: You’ve grown up and into a family legacy created by your father, was there ever a point when you saw yourself wanting to go down a different path other than the one you are on now?

Charlotte Lynggaard: I have always felt that it was the creative field that inspired me the most. But it is through jewellery I express myself best compared to painting or the like. I’ve always been drawn to my father’s work. From when I was little, I was allowed to hammer and play around with tools and I made small rings. Since I was a little girl I always used my hands a lot, example suing, knitting, cooking and drawing. After high school I was uncertain whether to educate as a goldsmith, within commercial PR or the fashion industry. I went to Paris and was lucky entering a PR agency specializing in jewellery brands; here I realized I could combine many of my interest by entering my father’s company and the decision was then clear to me to pursue jewellery design.

WW: What are the biggest trends in bridal jewellery at the moment?

Charlotte Lynggaard: It’s so individual, what a woman dreams for her wedding ring. I do not believe in trends within this category, but more in the emotion and passion for a brand or a style. It is a ring of life that you have to wear everyday; therefore it must fit the temper you possess.


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