Woman Who Married A 300-Year-Old Pirate Ghost Also Goes On Double Dates

If you spent Valentine’s Day alone, don’t worry – you’re not lonely, you just haven’t found your ghost yet.

Last month, Amanda Sparrow Large Teague – an Irish witch and spiritual teacher – married the ghost of a 300-year-old Haitian pirate named Jack Teague.

In an interview with Vice, Amanda explained that she met her ghostly lover after feeling his energy in her room.

“It was unfamiliar to me, it was not one of the energies I was used to working with. So at that point, I said, ‘Clearly this energy, this entity, wants to connect with me, it has something that it wants to say.’ So I decided that I would communicate,” she said.

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“First thing he said to me was, “I’m dead, you know?” and I was like, “Yes, I do, I get that.”

Amanda explained that she had begun developing romantic feelings for Jack and that it was just after Christmas in 2016 that he told her it was possible to have a relationship.

Describing herself as demisexual, Amanda says that having a strong connection was important before embarking on a sexual relationship with a ghost – a contrast to her friends who have had random and casual sexual encounters with numerous other ghosts.

It was after discussing this with Jack that he suggested they get married, however, due to the marriage registrar requiring verbal consent from both parties, Amanda and Jack had to find a medium that could connect with Jack.

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With matching wedding rings, the couple used a candle to represent Jack’s finger during the marriage ceremony. Amanda even described herself as a “bridezilla” in the lead up to the wedding, stating that Jack’s only request was a rum-flavoured cake.

Since then, Amanda and Jack have been in the spotlight, with Amanda appearing on the British panel show Loose Women to discuss their relationship, as well as how the two spent their Valentine’s Day.

When asked how dating works with a ghost, Amanda told the panel:

“Yes, we do go on dates and I have a friend who is also in a relationship with Jack’s best friend so we often go on double dates. And yes, we do leave a seat for them to sit on. We’ll buy them a drink – Jack likes rum and Matthew likes beer – and we set them down for them as a form of respect.”

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To make him feel at home, Amanda has a table at home filled with all of Jack’s favourite things – a telescope, a globe, Shakespeare’s complete works – including Jack’s favourite, The Tempest – old fashion playing cards (though she admits that Jack is “terrible” at gambling) a few pistols, and, of course, rum.

We’ve got to say, Amanda’s taken ghosting to a whole new level.

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