Written by Ceci Johnson

In our digital world full of images and immediacy, your brand is your visual DNA – even in weddings! It’s your chance to be unique, and starting with your wedding, it’s important to put your lasting mark on the world.  With the goal of making your own statement and being memorable, it can be as simple as utilising a uniform colour palette all the way through to a monogram, fully designed crest, or unique symbol that you make your own.

There are so many opportunities to put your own personal stamp on your wedding and what I love most is creating one-of-kind marks for my couples, ensuring the start of their new lives together is cohesive, well-designed and uniquely theirs. The experience starts by developing a deep understanding into who the bride and groom are and what makes them tick.  These learnings are then applied to the graphic elements included in their new brand.

From animals and places, to patterns and hand-lettering, I focus on symbolising the bride and groom as individuals and then together as a couple. Once the new mark is finished, it can start on a save-the-date or invitation and carry through to all of the accessories on the day (or, weekend!) of the wedding. Using their brand as the focus, I love to design memorable, branded touch points from welcome bags for guests, ceremony programs, signage, escort and place cards, menus, napkins, stir sticks for your cocktails and, of course, personal stationery. We’ve even been known to design custom wallpaper, step-and-repeats and hangover kits for guests who partied a little too hard!

As you look to start this process, and inevitably become bombarded with information and advice, always keep in mind that the key is to hone in on who you are and what sets you apart from the rest. To avoid blending in, use what’s out there as inspiration and as a base to visualise the outcome – not the target for your own wedding. Work with a designer who stays true to creating your own wedding brand as opposed to just a symbol. This type of designer will elevate your wishes and desires beyond what you might have thought possible and push you to stand out and be memorable.

Especially when it comes to your wedding guests, everyone wants to be different and distinct. Remember, just as important as what you wear so is your image on paper.

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