Why This “Love Stone” Makes For The Perfect Ring

We know that coloured stones are still enjoying their day in the sun. They’re the perfect stone for anyone who wants more than just the classic rock, and their range of hues cater to lovers of both subtlety and boldness.

At the moment, we’re going through a bit of an obsession with pink stones – specifically Morganite. Blame the season (Valentine’s Day does something funny to our brains) and the love that’s in the air, but these might just be our new gem of choice.


Morganite: The Love Stone

You read that correctly – morganite is indeed known as The Love Stone, which makes it the perfect choice for Valentine’s Day or any day worth celebrating.

Found mostly in pegmatite mines in Brazil, morganite can also be found in Afghanistan, Mozambique, Namibia, Thailand, Madagascar, and the US. It was originally discovered in 1910 in Madagascar as rose beryl and was later named morganite by mineralogist George Kunz, after his good friend J.P. Morgan.

Known also as Pink Emerald and Cesian Beryl, the Love Stone is said to have healing properties, making owners of morganite aware of pain and suffering in order to serve their higher self and achieve mental, spiritual, and emotional growth.

Morganite is also said to help owners discover strength and courage and appreciate life more.

Morganite For Engagement Rings

Morganite is a popular stone for rings due to its durability and affordability. While it is considered rarer than other coloured stones, like aquamarine and emerald, it is still readily available as it hasn’t been as heavily promoted as the former two.

Ranging from salmon pink to a deep bluish pink, morganite is a versatile stone. Sitting between 7.5 and 8 on the Mohs scale (the scale on which a gem’s hardness is measured), it is long-lasting but still needs frequent care to avoid deep scratches and other blemishes.

When set for engagement rings, morganite looks great with rose gold but works with most colours due to its overall subtlety. The versatility, as well as its affordability, makes morganite suitable for both engagement rings and classic jewellery to be worn at any time.

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