Why Destination Weddings Are So Hard To Resist

It’s hard to resist a destination wedding. While Australia has an abundance of glorious destinations for your special day, there’s something magical about saying “I do,” along the coast of Fiji or the cliffs of Santorini with an intimate group of family and friends.

So, if you’ve found yourself um’ing and ah’ing over whether or not to take the destination wedding plunge, here are some hard-to-argue reasons why it could be your best decision yet.

It’s memorable

Think back to how many weddings you’ve attended in your lifetime. While they’ve all been memorable in their own ways, how many have really stood out to you? Destination weddings are still the unicorn of the wedding-sphere – 90% of Australian couples marry in their home state compared to the 3% of couples who decide to marry overseas (EasyWeddings Survey 2016). Choosing an overseas destination for your Big Day not only makes you a member of an exclusive club, but ensures that your wedding is one that you, and your guests, are not likely to forget.

Your wedding photos will be breathtaking

You’ll be pinching yourself every time you look back at your wedding photos. Choosing a scenic location not only looks great on camera, but it makes getting the perfect picture easier for both you and your photographer – no one ever took a bad photo of a Santorini sunset.

The talented team at I Do Cinema regularly travel around Australia and overseas for weddings, and captured the beauty of this couple’s dream destination wedding in Santorini. With perfectly-captured views like this, we wouldn’t blame you for booking a flight to the Greek Islands immediately.

The background makes the best décor

Heading to a picturesque location means you’ve cut out the stress of having to choose a theme and decorate accordingly. Looking for a luscious fantasy-inspired backdrop? Head to New Zealand. Prefer a hotter climate? Indulge in the opulence of Dubai. Dreaming of endless stretches of blue? Try the Greek Islands. Keep it simple with a small outdoor set-up with colour-appropriate chairs and a simple archway and let the background do the rest.

Treat your family and friends

Having your loved ones there on your special day will not only mean the world to you, but to them as well. Maybe your parents haven’t had a holiday in years, or your extended family haven’t had the chance to be in the same place at the same time.


Having a destination wedding lets you give your loved ones an experience they deserve. Many hotels also give reduced rates for big groups, so you can cut some of your wedding costs and make sure your guests aren’t left too out-of-pocket.

Trim your guest list

Having a destination wedding is perfect for couples who want to keep the occasion small. By choosing an overseas location, you’re given the opportunity to only invite those who are nearest and dearest to you. Your wedding will become a more intimate affair and will feel like having a holiday with all of your loved ones.

Experience different cultural wedding traditions

Moving your wedding overseas also means soaking up the culture of the country. Thinking of going to Hawaii? Make the experience more authentic with traditional hula dancers and drummers. Want to check our Mexico? Include a Mariachi band in your reception line-up. Incorporating the culture of your chosen location within your wedding will keep your guests entertained and make for some truly stunning photos.

Your honeymoon begins immediately

This one should be obvious. Once the party winds down, you can start enjoying your honeymoon without having to travel much further. Your Santorini wedding can turn into Greek Island-hopping, and your Icelandic outdoor wedding can become an adventurous honeymoon, from camping under the Aurora Borealis to swimming in hot springs.

Turning the wedding destination into a honeymoon spot also cuts down costs, as hotels and resorts often offer reduced rates for couples who choose to stay longer.

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