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The dress code for the bridesmaids is a tale as old as time – ANYTHING, BUT WHITE! However this trend is slowly being turned on its head, so we went ahead and investigated its merit…

If there’s one rule that all women abide by when they attend a wedding, it’s the ‘no white’ rule. And, if by chance, someone does don the pale shade, there’s bound to be a few upturned noses and scrutinising stares.

However, some brides are now embracing the white dress rule, choosing this hue for their bridesmaids! We all know someone who’s been made to wear a hideous colour or design for their bridesmaid gown, so white is an almost fool-proof alternative, right?

Going back centuries, a bride and her bridesmaids would wear similar styles of white dresses during the ceremony. The reason? To keep the bride safe from robbers and evil spirits that would descend on their wedding day to attack them. So if you lived in the pre-Victorian era, technically your bridesmaids were a literal lifeline on your wedding day and their purpose was to blend in with you!

Wearing white works well on so many levels. It’s a colour that looks good on almost everyone (you can choose warm or cool whites), so the whole bridesmaid dress debacle on which colour suits all the girls can be solved in one swift move.

When every bridesmaid is wearing the same colour white, it means you can have more freedom to give each girl a different style. One-shoulder? Strapless? Tea length or backless? They’ll still all match.

If you’re still having doubts, take a leaf from Hollywood. Kimmy K, Kate Middleton, Kate Moss and Solange Knowles all rocked white bridesmaid gowns for their bestie at their own wedding.

There’s a lot of logic behind the white bridesmaid dress, why not embrace it?


Images from The Doll House

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